Tomato Envy

There is nothing like a juicy, ripe Jersey tomato. There are so many different varieties of tomatoes, who can keep up, and this year, even new ones have entered the farmer's markets, one being called Ramapo. Everyone is talking about it as if it were Brangelina's new twins! Who cares? Just give me a friggin' ripe tomato that is good enough to eat like an apple, before September, please! I can't wait anymore!
Well, here are the local competitors' entries.

My neighbors, who are retired, have this monster plant just sitting on their driveway, in its own parking space, it stares at us all day and night into our kitchen window, laughing in our faces, saying "look at me!!, it's mid July and I am covered in red fruit!". The name of this pretty young thing (which I will be stealing off the vine next weekend, because they are going away for a wedding) is "Early Girl". I will give my review of the stolen fruit/vegetable (what is it anyway?) next weekend.

The little girl holding her papa's tomatoes from JUNE, (yes, I said the month of June), is my friend's niece, Georgia, who lives in Pittsburgh. Since when do tomatoes become ripe in late June? and in Pittsburgh? I think they gave the poor kid some tomatoes from the supermarket to hold up for a photo op. I will find out the name of this VERY EARLY variety.

And last, but not least, is my monster tomato plant, named "BIG BOY" (figures my husband would buy a variety with this name). They are still little boys, and are just small green fig like things on the vine. But have no fear, I will be the victor in this competition of which neighbor has the best tomatoes!!!


Anonymous said…
I just read a very interesting article about the Jersey tomato, and how there are some organizations trying to bring it back. Sounds like it is perfectly suited to your area, and from your pictures, looks like your tomatoes are well on their way to greatness!
Giff said…
This cracked me up. Our neighbors here in Rye are also retired and have a huge tomato garden right up on the property line, and barely use any of them. So far I have refrained from reaching over and playing the fox in the neighbor's coop, but it KILLS me to watch these marvelous tomatoes go to waste, eventually rotting on the ground!
Anonymous said…
I love tomotoes and those looks so good Stacey - great photos! So what are you going to make with them??
Nice blog! Just found it through Jersey Biters. Don't you just love those Jersey tomatoes? Yum!
Sarah said…
Ha ha, I love the names of tomato varieties! They are so silly-sounding. I have a serious case of tomato envy--lucky you, having a lovely plant right next door!
Anonymous said…
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