Cooking in Provence

There are some of you that don't follow my oversharing on instagram, so this post is for you.

Last week, I had the privilege of cooking in Provence with Stirred Travel.

Under the instruction of chef Neil Borthwick, executive chef at the French House in London.

It was a group of 11 women for a week of cooking, shopping, olive oil and wine tastings, local markets and just having a wonderful time.

Making new friends and learning new recipes in the most beautiful setting in Southern France, what could be bad?

Loved every minute of it.

Life is short.  Take the trip.



Anonymous said…
Oh!! I would love to take one of these trips with you. How do I find out about it?
Katie C. said…
Oh, how lovely! We want to take some European trips but first, we need to get new passports. I think Italy is at the top of our list. We had been planning to go and then the pandemic hit. Boom.

What’s cooking in the red pot with liquid?

Thank you for posting this. I don’t do Instagram.

-Katie C.