Orecchietti w/ Broccoli, Anchovies & Radicchio

Everyone knows my love for chicories is real.

Radicchio, Tardivo, Castelfranco, Treviso and Endive.   They go beautifully with citrus salads and hearty dressings.

I mostly find them in NYC restaurants (or Italy!), since NJ is a wasteland for great food (don't shoot me).

Most people find chicories too bitter, but I'm bitter in the winter, so they go great with my mood.  ;)

Did you ever cook radicchio?  It turns mellow and melty and changes the flavor profile totally.

Cooking endive with apples and ham is a wonderful French dish.....recipe here.

Try adding chicories to pasta dishes, you will be glad you did.

This is a great winter pasta, I have made it 3 times.  Worth buying a head of radicchio just to make this.

First make your wonderful pangrattato (seasoned breadcrumbs)......I make a big batch and freeze them, so they are always ready for salads and pastas.  
You will thank me later.

You can use stale bread, or panko breadcrumbs.

Toast the bread and crumble in a food processor.   Pour into a skillet with a little olive oil.

Shave a garlic clove on a microplane into the crumb mixture.   Chop some fresh parsley and add to the pan.

Cook on medium heat about 5-8 minutes, swirling the pan so the crumbs are toasting.    I sometimes add grated cheese or chopped walnuts, depending on the mood.    

Set the mixture aside (make sure you make a lot, so you always have then on hand).  These breadcrumbs are my secret weapon.  

Ready to make the pasta dish?

Start by boiling salted water for the orecchietti.

In a large, heavy skillet, heat olive oil.   Saute 4 anchovy filets with 2 cloves of chopped garlic on low heat (you don't want the garlic to burn).

Add in chopped broccoli (as much or as little as you like).   Make sure you cut your florets on the small side. 

   Cook this mixture for about 10 minutes, SPLASHING in some water (a tbsp at a time), so the pan doesn't burn.
(The addition of the water helps the broccoli retain a nice green color, and also creates a little anchovy sauce).

Add in the small head of cut up radicchio and cook this mixture (if it looks dry, splash in some water to sizzle) for about 5 more minutes, until the radicchio is wilted.

Transfer the cooked pasta to the skillet, with about 1/4 cup of the starchy pasta water.

I also add in a tablespoon of butter at the end for richness.

Sprinkle the yummy breadcrumbs on top and go to town.

I dare you not to love this dish.



Anonymous said…
I really enjoy your blog and have been checking it out for years. One of the reasons was because you are from New Jersey. But the "NJ is a food wasteland" comment really turns me off and could not be more wrong. I think you just lost me.
Stacey Snacks said…
Anonymous (of course you are!),

If you really have been reading me for all these years, then you know my sense of humor by now and how much I LOVE MY HOME STATE!

I hate to see you go, but if you are that offended by a silly comment, then please unfollow.

Everyone is so easily offended these days. :(

Lisa said…
To your Anonymous commenter on the blog:

I live in NJ too, and it can be challenging to find a great restaurant that isn't a "red sauce joint". I think Stacey was just being her funny self.

Sad, with all the turmoil in the world right now, this is what offends you.

Lisa (a long time NEW JERSEY FOLLOWER!!)

Love you Stacey!