"Gnocchi & Friends".......Italy Trip w/ Mimi Thorisson

I haven't done a travel post in a long while.

It takes so much time to write about a trip, download photos and tell the story, and I am lazy.   

Instagram is "instant", and I definitely overshare when I am on a trip....so much so, that I miss out on some things because I am so busy taking pictures.

Last week I attended Mimi Thorisson's workshop in Northern Italy.   

I met Mimi about 10 years ago, before social media, when she had her blog called Manger.   I attended a few of her NYC book signings, and we kept in touch via social media and email.

The trip started in Torino, then on to Piedmont, then finished on my own in Milano (which is a wonderful city).

Mimi and Oddur took us on tours of each region, that included historical sites and squares.....traditional cafes in Torino and a wonderful lunch.  A cooking lesson and formal dinner at a Count's estate called Tenuto il Palazzassio in Cuneo, Piedmont, which was magical.

We slept 2 nights in Torino, a wonderful city, intimate and elegant.  It reminded me of a little Paris.   A lot of French Savoie history there.

We had 2 nights in the country at Castello Sebastiano Po, which was quite rustic, but beautiful (600 years old).  More cooking lessons and wine tastings........

The group consisted of mostly married couples, and some girlfriends, about 24 of us from all over the world.    Truly, I fell in love with everyone on this tour.  I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people.

Mimi & Oddur were the perfect hosts, they took us to food markets; a Milanese cafe for "tramezzini" (white bread with mascarpone & truffles), and a modern Milanese cuisine restaurant in Torino called Magazzino52........we had wine tastings and photo contests (which I lost, by the way).

We baked clafoutis, torta della Nonna, fava bean soup.......ragu.....garganelli....... gnocchi with sage pesto........the list goes on and on.

My diet for the week was mostly pasta.  Pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner.
Vitello Tonnato almost every meal out and wine for lunch and dinner.   Aperitivo with Aperol Spritz & Negroni early evenings.......

I can diet when I get home.

I have decided the title of my cookbook will be called "Gnocchi & Friends".  



Katie C. said…
She’s baaack ….

So envious of your trip. We were setting up a big trip to Italy when COVID-19 hit. Haven’t quite worked up the nerve to do it again. Of course, now we have to renew our passports too.
jodie said…
Sounds like a great trip!