My Tuna & White Bean Salad is Better Than Yours

Sorry about the snarky title, but it's true.

A tuna white bean salad can be so boring.....canned beans with canned tuna and red onion.  Some oil and vinegar, and if you are lucky, some parsley.   

This is respectable, but let's turn up the volume a bit, shall we?

I personally like Goya Small White Beans for salads (cannellini beans for soups).
The little white beans hold up better and never turn mushy.  Perfect eaten cold.

I like Italian style tuna in oil (never water), and buy Tonnino brand.  

Here is how to make it (approx 6 servings):

Mix 2 cans of drained tuna and 2 cans of drained white beans in a large bowl.

Add in about 3 tbsp of capers, big handful of chopped parsley, some chopped kalamata olives, and half of a thinly sliced red onion, (the capers and olives make this salad so much me).

Now for the secret sauce:   Shave a large garlic clove on a microplane into the bowl and shake some red wine vinegar over and some olive oil.   (I am not providing exact measurements, because the recipe is very forgiving).

I had some cherry tomatoes on the counter, so threw some in for color.
If you like bell peppers, by all means, throw some in too!   

Season with salt & black pepper and let sit on the counter an hour before serving.

I like to serve this over arugula and it's a great warm weather lunch on the go.

And just ignore the title if you think yours is better than mine.  ;)


Anonymous said…
“A tuna white bean salad can be so boring.....canned beans with canned tuna…”

My recipe? Canned beans and canned tuna!
Stacey Snacks said…

Thanks for pointing that out.....I guess I am boring (but the tuna bean salad is not)......I made it again yesterday.

Stacey Snacks said…
PS. I was saying the salad is no longer boring with the addition of garlic, tomatoes and capers.........

I could eat canned tuna everyday.