Simple is Best: Balsamic Cherries & Mozzarella

It's summer, fresh produce should be the star of your meals.

Here, I paired my favorite local fresh mozzarella (burrata is also good here) with the sweetest summer cherries tossed with some good Italian balsamic vinegar (the kind from Modena).

Pit the cherries and macerate them in a bowl with a few tablespoons of your best aceto balsamico.   You can do this 2 hours ahead and leave at room temperature.  

When ready to serve, just plate the cheese on a platter, and spoon this yummy goodness all around and garnish with fresh basil leaves.   

A sprinkle of sea salt to finish.



Blake said…
Yum! This looks tasty and fun play on my favorite salad. I like to add peaches usually. Also my husband who doesn’t usually like fruit with food might like this one, his favorite are cherries!