Grilled Fish with Herb Butter

I made this yummy herb (herbed) butter for garlic bread, and had some leftover, so used it on grilled fish.   It was so delicious, I thought I would remember how I made it and write it out for you!

So here I am, writing it out.

In these photos, I used Steelhead Trout, which I love.  It's like a mellower salmon (also Arctic Char is nice too).

Remember my aluminum pan hack on the grill from last summer?

You just lay the fish with some olive oil and Kosher salt in a disposable pan, and turn on the grill.
Cook about 10-12 minutes (turning once....but you don't even have to).  It's my favorite way to cook fish in the summer.

Here is how I make the herb butter for garlic bread and fish:

1 stick butter at room temperature
2 garlic cloves, chopped
big handful of fresh herbs from the garden (basil, chives, dill, parsley and anything else you like)

Whiz everything in a food processor until the herbs are incorporated into the butter.

Using a rubber spatula, transfer the butter to a large piece of plastic wrap and roll into a log.    Place in the fridge until hardened and ready to use (stays for at least a week).

For the garlic bread, I spread some of the butter mixture on halved baguettes (before it is solid) and freeze the loaves for future dinners.

With the leftover butter, I just slice a round or two after the fish is done and it gives the fish the most wonderful flavor.

It is easy and a great summer entertaining idea (make the garlic bread and the fish!).