Smashed Potatoes with Buttery Leeks

Here is another fabulous recipe I found on instagram reels (the videos on instagram, much like Tik-Tok).

Borough Chef is one of my favorite insta accounts.  She does magic with vegetables and seasonal ingredients in the UK.  

Here, I watched her make a simple dish of smashed potatoes and buttery leeks.   It is still cool here, and I love leeks in the spring (I love leeks any season!), so I knew I would be making this all April and May.

You make a simple potato dish by boiling Yukon golds (or new potatoes) for 12-15 minutes in salted water in a heavy pot.

Drain the potatoes and transfer them back to the pot you cooked them in.

Smash them slightly with the back of a spoon and add sea salt & pepper.

Add in some shaved garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice and handful of capers.  

Now throw in a big handful of chopped parsley (I added in rosemary & dill too!).  Mix this all around so you have a warm potato salad.

For the leeks:

Slice the leeks into 1 1/2" pieces, approximately.   Steam them in a small dish with some water for 2 minutes in the microwave (or in boiling water).  The idea is to soften the leeks, but still keep them firm.

Next, sear them in a grill pan or heavy skillet with some butter/oil for a minute or two on each side.

Plate the smashed herby potato salad on a platter and top with the seared leeks.

This is heavenly served with lamb or roast chicken.

Garnish with more fresh parsley and a drizzle of olive oil.   Best served warm.