Pantry Dinner: Spaghetti with Tuna & Capers

I love a challenge.

I cook my best meals from nothing.......leftovers the next day become something even better than the original dinner......and using things that I have (in the crisper drawer of the fridge or pantry), result in a delicious, weeknight meal.

Coming back from vacation, with not much in the house, I created the most delicious dinner with what I did have on hand.

I always keep a nice inventory of canned tomatoes, beans and capers.

If you have these ingredients on hand, make this tonight!

Capers √
Can of Tuna (in oil) √
Spaghetti √
Garlic √
Lemon √
Olive Oil √

I happen to have parsley on hand (that was dying in the crisper drawer), so used all the herbs I had.

Start by boiling your water for the spaghetti (I use 1/2 box or 8 oz) for 2 hungry people (which would be us!).

While the pasta is cooking, place a can of tuna (in oil only) in a large bowl with about 1/4 c capers, juice and zest of a lemon, and 2 minced garlic cloves (I shave mine on a microplane). 

Fresh herbs, such as parsley and dill are excellent in this dish, but not imperative. 

You don't have to be exact with measurements....I just throw everything in.

Add in about 1/4 cup or more of olive oil and let sit on the stove, close to the pot of pasta, so you can just transfer the spaghetti right into the bowl.

Season the oil tuna mixture with salt and pepper (I use aleppo pepper).

Once the pasta is done, using tongs, add the cooked spaghetti directly into the bowl and mix everything all up.

I add in arugula at the end for more greenery.

We love this dinner so much, I hope you do too.

Use what you have!


Katie C. said…
I like your attitude 😉

I take sort of the same approach with a rotisserie chicken. Used the carcass to make stock yesterday in the slow cooker. Used up some questionable veggies. Everything but the cluck baby! Today I’ll pressure can the stock.