Sheet Pan Roasted Gnocchi

FYI: I have discontinued my subscription to Bon Appetit Magazine. 

I was a long time reader and subscriber, but lately, I don't like the direction the magazine has gone in.   Much too political correctness.
FOCUS ON THE FOOD!  It's a food magazine!   

MY blog, MY opinion.

I am mentioning the mag, only because this strange sounding recipe was from my last issue (June/July), which was chocked full of terrific ideas (for a change).

This is a genius idea....roasting gnocchi on a sheet pan with cherry or grape tomatoes!   
I used potato gnocchi, which turned out like crispy potato dumplings....but you can use ricotta gnocchi if you like.

I make this sauce sans gnocchi all summer long with penne, but the roasted garlic lemon dressing is just gilding the lily.  So good.

Here is the recipe from Bon Appetit:

1 package of refrigerated gnocchi (usually comes in 17 oz. packages)
3 tbsp olive oil
2 pints of cherry or grape tomatoes
1 red onion, quartered or thickly sliced
kosher salt & pepper
2 whole garlic cloves (peels on)
2 tbsp lemon juice
fresh basil
shaved parmesan

On a sheet pan, lay out the gnocchi, tomatoes and garlic cloves.  Toss all with 3 tbsp olive oil.  Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper.

Roast in a preheated 425F oven for 20-25 (mine only needed 20 min), turning one time.

Remove the roasted garlic from the pan and slip out of the peels.  In a small bowl, smash the garlic with a fork and whisk in 2 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp olive oil (measurements don't have to be exact).
Pour this dressing over the roasted gnocchi, onions and tomatoes and mix together.

To serve, plate and toss with arugula and fresh basil leaves.  
Top with Parimigiano reggiano and dig in!



Unknown said…
Totally agree re: Bon Appetit-no longer a fan or subscriber.
Stephanie said…
This sounds like a great, quick meal. I am definitely trying this.

Re: your comment about the magazine. Did they ask for a reason that you're cancelling your subscription? If they didn't, that's too bad. I agree that a cooking magazine should focus on food.
Deborah said…
Thank you for being brave and sharing your opinion! A food magazine should only focus on FOOD. I love your blog! Keep up the great work and sharing this recipe.
Anonymous said…
I also canceled my subscription for the same reason, focus on food! I'd been a subscriber for 30 or so years.
Stacey Snacks said…

No, of course they did not ask why I canceled my 20 year subscription.

My opinion doesn't matter....I am not a 25 year old, however, they should focus on the reader demographic who actually BUYS the products and GOES to the restaurants that they promote.

It's the way of the world now......but the only way that I can "protest" is to NOT buy their magazine.

Denise said…
Thank you, Stacey! I also have stopped my Bon Appetite subscription. It’s frustrating to not be able to read an article or read an advertisement or see a commercial without a political message. Just part of why I love reading your blog. Food, travel, Paris and a quick escape. Thank you!