Olive Oil Poached Leeks w/ Ricotta, Lemon & Hazelnuts

To make a long story short.  

There is this restaurant in Manhattan called Houseman, and we like it a lot.
We've been going for 6 years since it opened.

It's a homey, unpretentious spot in West Soho on Greenwich St, and sadly, we hadn't been all year because of the pandemic.

In the meantime, Ned, the owner (used to be the sous chef at Prune in the East Village w/ Gabrielle Hamilton....), wrote a cookbook. 

We showed up when NYC indoor dining opened back up and had a wonderful simple dinner, and got a copy of his book "How to Dress an Egg".  Strange title, I know.

In it are simple methods on how to prepare leeks, asparagus, and hard boiled eggs (other stuff too).

I kind of love the book, because I love the restaurant.

I made this recipe and I have to tell you it is just so good.  
It makes me happy to share it with you.

If you love leeks like I do, this recipe is a must.  It is a simple method on how to cook leeks so they are melty, silky and luscious, vs. stringy or burnt edges and hard to cut.

Follow my lead and buy the book.

Poached Leeks w/ Ricotta, Lemon, Hazenuts & Mint (from How to Dress an Egg):

2-4 leeks, washed (white parts only)
2 tbsp olive oil
kosher salt
fresh ricotta
mint leaves
toasted hazelnuts
juice and zest of a lemon

I cut my leeks in half so they would fit in the pan.   You will need a pan with a tight fitting lid.

Lay the leeks in a pan with olive oil and season with kosher salt.
Cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil and then cover with the lid.  You want a tight seal.

Cook the leeks in a 250F oven for 30 minutes, until they cut easily with a fork.

Remove the leeks to a platter. 
Place blobs of ricotta on top and zest of a lemon over the ricotta.

Next, toast the hazelnuts in a toaster oven (careful, they burn easily) and scatter them over the salad.   Garnish with mint leaves.

Squeeze some lemon juice over just before serving.  Season with sea salt & pepper.



Katie C. said…
Looks good! Did you eat that as a main dish or a side?
Joanne said…
I was never that excited about leeks until recently! They are such a versatile veggie. I love all of these toppings for the leeks..such a delicious preparation.
Stacey Snacks said…

I have made this a few times now, serving it along with other vegetable dishes......it's so good!