Blood Orange Salad for a Monday

It's the usual Monday post.  

A bit cold, and a bit bored, I have to admit.

My cooking repertoire is slowly becoming mundane.    This happens to me in January.

I bought those gorgeous blood oranges, and they make the rest of the winter bearable.   Just seeing them makes me happier.

I bought a huge amount, so I am stocked till March.  

I baked my usual upside down cake (recipe here), and made this lovely salad.

Remove the rinds of the blood oranges (zest them so you have them for cakes later) before cutting off rind and pith.

Cut into rounds and remove little white stem in the middle.

I used a mix of arugula and frisee lettuces.   
Fresh mozzarella balls (the kind packed in water).
Sliced shallots (red onions work).
Toasted pistachios.

I also like to add kalamata olives sometimes for a bit more brine.
Avocado is also good here.

Make a simple dressing of:

red wine vinegar
blood orange juice (from the ends of the oranges you cut off)
sea salt & pepper

Drizzle all over salad just before serving.

This will be your new favorite salad.