Focaccia Crazy

During the 3 months of Staying Home Quarantine, most food bloggers and instagrammers made focaccia art. Including me.

I have become very good at this yeast game, and if you were able to score yeast during lockdown, then you were in business.
Fortunately, I have friends in pizza, so I have a lifetime supply of yeast and flour. ;)

I made quite a few of these hefty loaves, some in cast iron skillets, others in rectangle baking pans.

I learned that I didn't need to use the 5 cups of flour and feed the neighborhood, but cut the recipe in half, and made a focaccia just enough for us and a few lunches.

I used whatever flour I could score.

Farmer Ground flour from NY State was a pretty golden color, and yielded a lovely soft interior. While the Italian 00 flour yielded a flatter, less chewy focaccia.

Play around with flours and baking pans and see what you like.

My oven runs hot, so I learned that 23 minutes at 425F (preheated) was just perfect. Oh yeah, and line the pan.

Even with oiling and buttering the pan, some of my loaves parchment paper from now on.

It is all about technique, and I found the Bon Appetit Basically recipe is at the top of the list.

You rotate the bowl after your yeast has doubled in size overnight in the fridge, and using 2 forks, you fold the dough 4 times. It's a process, but you will get the hang of it about the third time you make one of these beauties.

I even made one with dates and walnuts folded in the middle. I love them all.

So cheery and pretty during this strange time.

Click here for the recipe and video tutorial from Basically.

I even made a pissaladiere! with anchovies, olives and caramelized was our fave.

Decorate as you wish and have fun.

These loaves kept me sane, honestly.

It was so nice to wake up and visit my dough that had been rising all night, and feeling that pillowy ball of gluten.

It lifted my spirits, and I will be making focaccia forever.


Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey!
I love the art on them!! I totally agree that Bon Apetit recipe is winner for foccacia. I have to try the one with the sauted onions next!
It definetly is fun to make.

Michele oxo
Lee Rosenthal said…
what changes would be made to make it 1/2 or more whole wheat?
aknlw said…
These are just gorgeous! Now I'm going to have to give this a whirl.
Stacey Snacks said…
You can half the recipe using 2.5 c whole wheat flour plus 2.5 cups AP will be a bit heavier than the usual focaccia, but it will work.

Thanks for the inspiration. I made Bon App's focaccia in March and haven't made it since. Do you mind sharing where you pan is from in the last picture. Is it a roasting pan?