Chicken Thighs Piccata

When I posted this on instagram, people said "duh, I make this all the time".

Really? I thought I was being clever by using boneless, skinless chicken thighs for piccata vs. chicken breasts.

So I guess everyone is smarter than me.

I love chicken thighs....they are so moist and tasty.....they cook up so much faster than breasts too.

This is the easiest dinner ever, and so delicious. Thighs are much cheaper than breasts too, so if you are being thrifty, another reason to make this recipe.

The first time I made this dish, I served this dish with crispy roasted potatoes and steamed green beans.

The 2nd time, just with steamed broccoli. The sauce is fantastic poured over the vegetables and potatoes as well!

The only bad thing about this recipe is that it MAKES A MESS ON THE STOVE. Use a splatter screen for sure.

This is so delicious.

Have all of your ingredients ready to go. This pan sauce dish cooks up quickly.

Chicken Thighs Piccata:

6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
flour, salt & pepper for coating
3 tbsp butter (divided)
olive oil
1 lemon sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup pr more of white wine
1 tbsp capers
parsley for garnish

Mix flour, salt & pepper in a shallow dish and dredge the chicken thighs (they will unroll, so no need to pound them). Coat both sides and shake off excess flour.

In a large skillet, heat olive oil with 2 tbsp butter until foamy, and cook the coated thighs for 5 minutes on each side (they will cook fast).

Transfer the cooked chicken to a platter and make the sauce.

After removing the chicken from the pan, cook the garlic and lemon slices for about a minute, tops (turning over the lemon slices).

To the pan, add in the white wine and deglaze the pan by scraping up the yummy brown bits. Squeeze in some lemon juice and add in the capers.
Cook for another minute or two.

Turn off the heat and swirl in the remaining tablespoon of butter.

Pour this deliciousness over the chicken thighs on a platter and garnish with parsley.



Bebe said…
We use a LOT of chicken thighs. Aldi’s has very good young chicken. Thighs are tender and do not look as though they came from Big Bird. Last night I made my standard Pacific Avenue Casserole, which isn’t a casserole but a very good chicken put-together from the great San Francisco Junior League cookbook (decades old) “San Francisco a la Carte”. Anyhoo, this piccata number of yours looks and sounds sensational. When we have eaten our way through last night’s creation, this will be our next thigh event.

Now, how do you get potatoes to look like those?

Stacey Snacks said…
I would love to have your Pacific Chicken recipe! You have my email ;).

The potatoes are just roasted at 425F on the bottom shelf, olive oil and kosher salt.
Denise said…
We would all love Bebe's Pacific Avenue Casserole recipe!
Bebe said…
My recipe page is a mess. Full of my notes over time. Rather than copy it off here is a link to recipe for Pacific Avenue Casserole, which originally appeared in San Francisco a la Carte, a wonderful San Francisco Junior League cookbook. (If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, there is a lot of great stuff in it!),198,150169-234197,00.html?

My notes from experience:

Use chicken thighs. I use them bone, skin and all. The dainty could use boneless/skinless)

Be generous with the paprika on both sides of thighs

Use more mushrooms. I use at least 1/2 lb. Don’t slice too thinly. There are never enough mushrooms.

Use good quality artichokes (Trader Joe’s are very good). They are more firm and don’t fall apart in the baking process.

I use fresh rosemary, so I up the amount to at least a teaspoon.

Use more sherry if you wish.

This is delicious. Leftovers also freeze well.

My only mistake with this? Serving it to friends of DH when we were first married. They left things on their plates. Appeared to hate mushrooms and may not have recognized artichoke hearts. ;-{