Dare to be Different: Green Pea Shakshuka

Whenever I post a tortilla espanola, and God forbid add some red peppers or pimenton to the recipe, commenters write "that is NOT a "REAL tortilla espanola!!!".

So sue me.

So many purists out there, (and angry people with too much time on their hands).

Technically, a "shakshuka" is a skillet with spicy tomatoes and peppers with a cooked egg(s) in the middle, served with pita for dipping. It is popular in Israel, and I learned how to make it from Yotam Ottolenghi.

Over the years, I have adapted the traditional shakshuka to include kale, hummus, olives, and any vegetable hash I have on hand....crack an egg in the center and call it a "shakshuka".

So yes, I am also calling this breakfast skillet a "shak", because I want to, and I can.
The food police have not arrested me yet, but there is still hope. :)

I love peas, and never realized they have protein, and are actually healthy, not just a starch (as many people believe them to be).

I buy good quality frozen "petit pois", and they are super sweet, so you can imagine how yummy they are sauteed with some French butter and sea salt with some runny eggs for breakfast.

Start with a big knob of good quality butter and saute defrosted frozen peas with sea salt & pepper about 2 minutes. Make a well in the center, depending on how many eggs you are using....and carefully, crack each egg into a well.

Cover with a lid and cook your eggs until they are how you like them. I like some runny yolk for dipping.

The peas will be nice and crispy with some egg stuck to them. Plate into bowls and serve with sliced avocado. Sprinkle with sea salt & red peppercorns (if you have them...I do).

Serve with warm pita and dare to be different.



The JR said…
good grief......I thought recipes were creations of the imagination. If somebody doesn't like your recipe, then they don't have to cook it.

I would eat this. Unfortunately not the hubby . We could not pry his mouth open with a pry bar. He hates green peas.

Mary said…
But the big question: is it MOIST? :)

I just might go home and make this for lunch today. Sounds quick and delicious!
Stacey Snacks said…
It is so damn MOIST! and it has the dreaded PEAS, that all the haters hate! and I am calling it a "Shakshuka!".


Enjoy! ;)
SarahB said…
ha ha ha! So sue me! Love you, Sta!
Lori Lynn said…
You are still just as funny as ever Stace!
Great breakfast.
Anonymous said…
DO what YOU Love and Who REALLY cares about what others think or say ANYWAY! There will ALWAYS be someone who is Annoyingly Uptight....that is their issue...your dish looks FAB as it reminds me of a dish my mother used to make - the only difference is that she would add chopped chourico to hers. Very savoury dish!
DawnieMS66 said…
You got me at crispy peas!! Must give this one a go..
Bebe said…
The ones who get me are those who start dissecting a posted recipe and trying to figure out (using the poster/blogger as a springboard) how they can, ingredient by ingredient, turn the recipe into something entirely different.

Why not just find a different recipe instead of autopsying the one presented?

I’m waiting for someone who absolutely cannot live with it if it is moist.

Glad to see funny you back. I don’t care for eggs that stare, so am just here to make more mischief.

Happy 2020!!!

Stacey Snacks said…
I couldn't agree more!

When I look at the reviews/comments on a recipe and see the words "I used turkey sausage, omitted the garlic, swapped the sesame seeds for walnut and added cranberries instead of raisins", I usually SCREAM out loud!

Just make the damn recipe and review it.....it's ok, to sub in some walnuts for almonds, but come on!

Your comment made me LOL (especially not liking eggs to stare back at you!).

xo Stacey
Bebe said…

It’s been kinda gloomy without you, Stacey...