Time for Paris!

Bonjour Mes Amis!

It's that time again.......my annual Paris trip!

As always, if you want to follow my oversharing of photos from my favorite city, then click on my instagram link.

You don't need to have the app on your phone, you can actually view the pics right on your computer (for those of you are still not in the 21st century).

Here is the link. stacey snacks instagram.

See you soon!

Bisous! xo


Kristine said…
Have a fabulous time !!!!
anne gendreau said…
Hello Stacey, I am a loyal fan of your site and will forever be in your debt for the heads up on tarte au thon...who knew! so easy, flexible and delicious, a true menu staple. Speaking of Paris, are you able to share your contact info for finding apts for a week or so in that charming city? Thanks again for all of your sharing. regards, anne gendreau