Life Changing? Cauliflower & Egg Salad

Don't you hate when people say this recipe is "life changing"?

Please. It makes no sense.
The recipe might be great, but is it really going to change your life?

This one might, simply because you might eat the whole bowl and gain a few pounds.

I was browsing thru Ottolenghi's Simple cookbook and came across this sort of Coronation type egg salad (as they refer to it in the UK) with curry and tarragon and eggs. I liked the recipe, but too many ingredients for what should be a simple dish.

Don't want cumin, don't want yogurt and don't love tarragon. Thanks for the idea, however, I will do my own thing.

This version of egg salad is worthy of a luncheon, it was fantastic.

As if egg salad couldn't get any better.

I bought a huge head of cauliflower at my farmer's market, the size of my head (and I have a pretty big head).

The second time I made this I used farmer's market orange & purple cauliflower.....even better!!!

Cut it up into small florets and lay out on a sheet pan along with a yellow onion, thickly sliced.

Drizzle w/ olive oil, kosher salt & only 3/4 teaspoon of good curry powder (you could even use less if you are not a curry fan like me).....

Roast for 20 minutes in a 425F oven. Set aside.

While the cauli is cooking, boil your eggs. I used 5 eggs and hardboiled them for 10 minutes.
I run them immediately under WARM water and peel after 5 minutes....the shells come off like a dream.

Roughly chop 4 of the eggs, saving 1 chopped egg for the top of the salad (it will look nicer).

Add the roasted cauliflower florets and roasted onion slices to the bowl with the chopped egg (again, saving a few florets for the top of the salad).

Add in 1 tbsp of capers; 3 tbsp of mayo (I like Hellmann's); juice of half a lemon; salt & pepper. Mix together to coat the cauliflower and egg mixture.

Transfer to a serving bowl and add in the reserved cauliflower and egg without mixing, so it doesn't look like a beige mess (mayo, cauli, egg = ugly).

Garnish with fresh parsley and chives.

I loved this warm. I loved this cold.

I loved this so much, it might even change my life.


LISA said…
Hi, Stacey! OMG... 'serves ONE possessive diner for life-changing, near-orgasmic experience'? Lisa (formerly of Wilmington, DE now in Indianapolis).