Chilled Tomato Soup w/ Burrata & Basil Oil

Let's start by saying this is NOT a gazpacho.

Same idea, however, no cucumbers or peppers in this one. This is just a fresh tomato soup, no cooking, and no fussing.

The recipe is from my cooking holiday in Italy last month, and it was my favorite lunch, served along side a cuttlefish ink risotto and a Castelfranco and Treviso salad.

Heavenly and memorable.

Everything was fresh and in season....the ink was squeezed fresh out of the cuttlefish.....the lettuces just picked that morning. The tomatoes also the first of the season.

The recipe calls for 800g of datterini tomatoes, which are date shaped Italian tomatoes. I can find them in jars (hence the yellow tomato soup) believe it or not.....but the idea is using the first tomatoes of the season, so you don't have to remove the peel (which will get stuck in your teeth, trust me!).

800g is about 3 1/2 cups of tomatoes, or about 28 oz.

I would either grate fresh summer tomatoes on a cheese grater (cut them in half and only grate the pulp) to get 3+ cups, or you can use a 28oz. box of POMI Italian chopped tomatoes. But we are going for a SUMMER soup, so I would suggest the fresh method.

I will write the recipe out as the chef taught us. It serves 4 people.

Chilled Tomato Soup w/ Basil Oil and Burrata: (recipe adapted from Jake Simpson STIRRED Travel)

800g Datterini Tomatoes (grate 3-4 cups of fresh tomatoes or use POMI 28oz. box of Italian tomatoes)
2 cloves garlic (I used spring, new garlic)
a pinch of hot pepper flakes
4 large leaves of basil
50ml good olive oil

Using a blender or food processor, blend all ingredients together. If too thick, you can add in some ice cubes or water.
Taste to adjust seasonings.

To serve:
torn pieces of burrata or fresh mozzarella
toasted bread cubes (best is to do them in a frying pan with oil)
basil oil or pesto to swirl

Just before serving, ladle soup into bowls.
Add in the mozzarella/burrata pieces and croutons.

Swirl in some basil oil and serve.


Katie C. said…
Oh my! That looks wonderful! I have a ton of tomatoes growing at our community garden plot but they are still green so this is something to look forward to. Well, that and canning. I am almost out. I finally cried uncle and bought a two burner propane gas stove because it has been too stinkin’ hot here in Virginia. The cold soup will be a welcome cool down. I also found that if I put bread chunks in a bowl with olive oil and some Italian seasoning, let them sit a bit and then cook them either on the stove top or in the oven, the croutons come out even better.
Carolyn said…
This looks so fresh and delicious!!