Baked Potato "Jackets' w/ Tonnato & 6 Minute Egg

Here I am again raving about a cookbook.

Ottolenghi Simple has been my new favorite. I have loved everything I have made so far, including this silly baked potato (known in the UK as a potato "jacket").

I saw this posted on instagram, and though you may think this is an odd combination (tuna and potatoes), it is FANTASTIC! and makes a super easy supper for a weeknight.

I was surprised how much my husband liked this one.

Tonnato is a cold tuna sauce made w/ egg yolks, capers, anchovies and canned tuna, usually served in a Piedmontese dish known as veal tonnato. I make it during the hot summer months with a turkey breast (instead of veal) and it is memorable (I think it's Giada's recipe).

We made the original Veal Tonnato on my Italy trip last week, and it was to die for......

I substituted good old Hellmann's mayo for the yolks and it was fine.

This is a great dinner....all you really have to do is make the baked potatoes and cook the 6 minute egg just before serving.
You can make the sauce ahead.

Here's how:

Tonnato Sauce:

1 heaping tbsp of Hellmann's mayo (not lowfat)
1 tbsp capers
1 garlic clove
1/4 cup parsley
1 can of good quality Italian tuna packed in oil (not water)
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
3 anchovies (do not skip the anchovies!!)

Pulse all the sauce ingredients in a mini food processor and set aside.

Bake the potatoes (Idaho variety) for an hour at 400F.

Boil eggs for 6-7 minutes (you want a warm runny yolk).

Slice open the potato "jackets" and spoon on that luscious tuna sauce.

Slice the warm eggs on top so the yolk runs into the potato.

Garnish with more capers and fresh parsley.

Serve immediately.



Lisa Faley said…
Oh, I am aaaaaallll over this one!!!
JW said…
Looks wonderful - what size can of tuna did you use?
Stacey Snacks said…
I used a regular can of Italian tuna in oil....the normal size you find in the supermarket. ;)
Cath said… is not a potato 'jacket' it is a 'jacket' potato! A potato cooked with it's jacket on! I love how language can be so much fun. And I also love that you have used my favourite sauce on a potato with eggs...I may need to boil a bean or two and experiment further. Here in Australia I use leftover lamb roast to souse with my tonnato sauce!