Stacey Does Italy

I interrupt this usual boring blog to bring you to a new experience.

No, I am not in Paris (but will be soon, don't worry).....but instead I am in Italy!

I am in Cison di Valmarino.....a little village an hour North of Venice and close to Treviso at the foot of the Dolomites.

What the hell am I doing here? Good question.

I am taking cooking classes and joining a lovely group of women to experience Proseco; Piave cheese; Masi wines; Venice markets and everything else this beautiful area has to offer.

Stay tuned for some good stuff....and as always, go to my instagram for daily pics and live stories.




Bebe said…
OK, OK. I have gone to Instagram. You are in a lovely place with a lovely-looking group … Looking good. Never made that part of Italy. Years ago when we were there the Red Brigade was rampaging around, kneecapping Americans, so there were serious travel warnings. We stayed in Venice at the Hotel Cipriani on the Lido. No complaints.

Friends who have gone on cooking vacations to Italy have loved every minute… Thank you for sharing your adventure.
Bebe said…
To correct my comment, the Cipriani was on Giudecca Island where the Lido resort is located, across the lagoon from St. Mark’s Square. I’m not sure that it is still there… It wa wonderful.
Stacey Snacks said…
Yay Bebe!
You are now an "instagrammer"!

Bebe said…
Stacey, your photos tell as great stories as your prose posts. Enjoyed sharing your trip to a place I missed in the past…and an experience that I’d have enjoyed. I loved the Rialto market and have a video of it in my brain, my “album”. A man paring artichokes down to just the hearts and sorting them into three vats of acidulated water - small, medium and large. Gorgeous strawberries (I bought a box and washed them under a fountain, ate them on the spot. Astonishing fish. And one “memorable” Venice meal, squid in its own ink. The shock of being presented with a plate of black sauce - not dark brown, but India Ink black - was sort of offputting… but we coped. Thank you again for sharing your trips. You are a terrific photojournalist.