Jamie Oliver's Easy Sausage Carbonara

I have been lazy lately.

I don't remember that I have a food blog and can access 11 years worth of recipes.......I have to be reminded by friends who have collected recipes.

"Stacey, I made your chicken and green beans last night, and we loved it".

My what?
I have to go on my blog and search what they are talking about.
I am losing my memory and mind.

Jamie Oliver's new cookbook 5 Ingredients is a life saver.

Don't listen to the amazon reviews that say the ingredients are "hard to find" and "specialized".
These were obviously written by people who don't have access to a supermarket that sells flat leaf parsley or cilantro. I think they believe that Jamie is going to cook the food for them.

Eye roll.

Listen to me. I am usually right.
This cookbook is terrific for weeknight dinner inspiration. And don't feel like you are limited to using the 5 ingredients listed in the recipe....be daring and maybe add in a 6th. ;)

Let's start with this delicious, easy sausage meatball carbonara. It could not be easier.

There's no butter and no cream, and there never should be in a carbonara.

You just have to be diligent, so you don't have scrambled eggs on pasta.

The trick is turning off the heat and adding in enough pasta water to make a silky sauce, not an eggy one.

If you use fresh tagliatelle, then you are my hero. It will be even better, if possible.

Jamie's original recipe calls for 1 egg, but I added 2 for a silkier sauce. And he uses "higher-welfare sausages". I have no clue as to what that is, but obviously a UK thing.

Here's how:

Jamie's Easy Sausage Carbonara: (adapted from Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food)

150 g dried tagliatelle (about 1/2 lb)
3 good quality Italian sausage links, casings removed
1/2 a bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley (15g)
1 large free-range egg (I used 2)
30 g Parmesan cheese (about 1/4 cup or more)
1/2 mug of starchy pasta water (6th ingredient, if we are counting)

Whisk the egg(s) together in a large measuring cup and mix in the parsley and cheese. Set aside. This will be your sauce.

Roll tablespoon size amounts of sausage meat with your hands to form little balls.

Heat the olive oil in a skillet and when the oil is shimmering hot but not smoking, add the meatballs.

I like to shake and swirl the pan until the meatballs have color all over, and then I roll with a spoon. This helps to maintain their round shape.

Saute for several minutes, keeping the meatballs moving, until the meatballs are golden brown and cooked through. They should read 160F on an instant read thermometer. Keep warm.

Meanwhile cook your pasta in lots of salted water according to package directions until al dente (my tagliatelle takes 5 minutes).

Drain, reserving a mug full of cooking water, and add the dripping wet pasta directly in with the meatballs in the pan, the extra water clinging to the pasta is going to help create the sauce (use tongs for this).

Make sure you mix the pasta off the heat, add the egg mixture, tossing continuously as the heat of the pasta turns the eggs into a silky sauce. Add more pasta water as needed.

Serve right away with extra cheese if you want.


Katie C. said…
Jamie has a show to go with that book too. It ended up in my TiVo suggestion box. I have to say that he is a messy cook. Fast but messy.
Stacey Snacks said…
Katie C,

I love Jamie.....I love his "glug" of olive oil...and his casual approach to cooking, sort of like me!
However, I do not like a MESSY cook!

I have to clean as I go.....can you say "neat freak"?

Unknown said…
I'm looking at restaurants in Rome for my trip this week, and love this chef's instructions for his classic carbonara. When it's time to mix in the egg emulsion, "...remove from the burner when the mixture has become a CREAM, i.e., that exact point between liquid and omelet. Therefore, no distraction allowed in that precise moment which lasts a few seconds only, or you will destroy a work of art." That last sentence is in bold type, too:)

I'm not cooking before I leave, as we're still eating leftovers from one of your beef stew recipes. (Another reader who goes back through your blog!)


Mary Check out this for your trip...We followed Katie's suggestions and had the best weekend in Rome...and she gives food tours: https://katieparla.com/katie-parla-city-guides/my-rome/
Trigirlpink said…
Just reading this recipe made me drool.

Messy cooks = :-( ****A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen****

...says the girl who can't leave dishes in the dish drainer but must dry them immediately and put them away.
She'll run the dishwasher even if it's not completely filled because the stainless interior of the door has coffee and food crumbs because someone didn't rinse their plate or cup b4 putting it in.

Paper towels and Windex are my very best friends. :-)
Bebe said…
“Higher welfare” is apparently newspeak for “kindly raised”. Free range chickens. Presumably free range hogs.
Bebe said…
PS: It is impossible to cook without making a mess. I try to clean up (within reason) as I go along as I don’t have an unlimited supply of space, utensils, cutting boards, etc. Having cooked serious food in a teensy apartment (sheet pans on pulled out drawers became my best friends, serving as extended counter space) and on a boat (and not a great huge boat), I became fairly efficient. Anyone who puts a gunky, crumby, dirty dish in my dishwasher may never be fed here again!!! Grrr,
Deborah Carter said…
What Jamie means when referring to "higher welfare" products, he means -
Free range
Buying from farmers close to home, where a good level of animal welfare has been used
No hormone growth promoters used

Great recipe!
Stacey Snacks said…
Deborah, Bebe,

I only buy meat by local butchers. Supposedly the animals have had a good life until the few seconds before they are to be slaughtered.

I have not heard the term "higher welfare".....I love how the Brits speak.

Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey- thank you so much for all your delicious recipes- I am a long time reader and lover of your blog :)
I love your kimono outfit that you wore in Miami- would you mind telling me where you got it? Love the pants also. Love your style. thank you!!!
Stacey Snacks said…
Thank you for the compliment! you can always DM me on my instagram ;)

Regarding the silk kimono....it is old Robert Graham (yes, the mens shirt designer) from Neiman's.
And the jeans are Zara from last season.

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Thank You !! :)
Foodiewife said…
I have some sausage glaring at me, in my fridge. What to make? I have to laugh at your *eye roll*. So, um yeah... I do have an automatic pasta maker (and love it) and I can make fresh pasta for this! I've bombed the couple of times I've made carbonara. I get nervous about raw eggs. (I can see your *eye roll*). I need to get over myself. I'm not a bacon lover, like my husband, but sausage...yep, I can do this!