Baked Corn Bread Pudding

This wins for the best thing to do with your leftover, dried out cornbread from Thanksgiving.

Double the fun and make a cornbread pudding!

It's sort of like my turkey pot pie....I make it once a year, with the leftover turkey.

Same goes for the cornbread. I make this fabulous recipe, then freeze the leftovers for a day like today.

This recipe is the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning or a Sunday when you want to surprise everyone, and it doesn't require much effort.

Here's how:

I used about 3 cups of leftover cornbread (mine was made w/ bacon, scallions, cheddar and jalapenos, so it was extra good!).

Lay the hunks of cornbread in a greased baking dish (size will depend on how much you are using).

Saute 1 large yellow onion, sliced, in butter until soft, and golden.

Spoon the cooked onions on top of the cornbread in the dish.

Make a custard from 2 eggs mixed with 1 cup of milk. You can add another egg and more milk/cream if it looks too dry.
The right amount of custard should be enough to cover your bread cubes and soak up the liquid.

Press down the mixture w/ a spatula so all the cornbread is covered.

Bake 30 minutes in a 350F oven. Let cool before serving.

Cut into squares and serve.

This is scary addictive. Diet tomorrow. ;)


That looks good enough to be the dressing on Thanksgiving Day. Yum!
xo, Rosemary