Cherry Caprese Salad (No Tomatoes!)

I know I said only one recipe per week, but I wanted to get this in before cherries are gone for the season. :(

Washington State cherries come in later in the season and are my favorite, so you can bookmark this recipe for late August.

I made this fantastic riff on a Caprese salad, but instead of using cherry tomatoes, I used CHERRIES.

That's right, I said CHERRIES. Dare to be different!

We loved this. I made it twice in one week.

Run out and get some cherries before they are all gone and make this salad, you can thank me later.

Cherry Caprese Salad (sans tomatoes!):

as many cherries as you can pit (I used Rainier and local black cherries), halved
1 lb. of bocconcini (small cherry size fresh mozzarella balls), halved
sea salt & pepper
lots of fresh basil and fresh mint leaves
good balsamic vinegar
good olive oil

Mix everything together and pour enough balsamic and olive oil to coat (less than 1/4 cup of each).
Sprinkle w/ sea salt & pepper.

Add in fresh herbs just before tossing and serving.

Best served at room temperature.

This is my favorite summer salad. Too bad cherries have to leave. :(


Isadora Guidoni said…
Thank you, I absolutely hate tomatoes and was looking for a recipe like this one.
Sara said…
This is delicious. Thank you for this wonderful
recipe. I've tried many of your recipes, but
this is my favorite. The basil and mint add
wonderful flavor and color.