Best of Summer: Peach, Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

Summer is my favorite season to cook, or in this case, not to cook.

This salad showcases the best of the season.

All local produce from New Jersey. Even my fresh mozzarella is made 5 miles from my house.

This is a gorgeous salad, and with some good bread, becomes a dinner on a hot summer night.

I sliced some beautiful ripe peaches up and placed them on a platter.

Throw some halved cherry tomatoes around and on top of the peaches.

Place torn fresh mozzarella around the tomatoes and peaches. Add some sliced red onion.

Sprinkle w/ sea salt.

Next, drizzle with good olive oil.

You can serve it now, but why stop here?

Just before serving, add in torn basil leaves from the garden and some balsamic syrup.

Summer on a plate.


The JR said…
This screams summer Stacey. It's beautiful.
R from MS
Natalia said…
Looks awesome - I've got all the ingredients. Will add to our dinner.