Summer Frittata: Kale & Chorizo

I grow mostly herbs in pots in my garden, and then there are radishes, greens and beets.

This lovely Russian Red variety of kale is the gift that keeps on giving.
I harvest it every other day. It grows quickly and keeps on coming back week after week....and it's pretty too.
I grow it in pots along my driveway.

I usually throw it in a salad, mixed with other greens, or a pasta, but it is my favorite in this delicious frittata.

It's pretty perfect.

Here's how:

8 eggs
1/2 cup whole milk
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp pimenton (smoked Spanish paprika)
kosher salt & pepper
1 large yellow onion, cut up
1/2 stick of Spanish chorizo (I use Palacios brand), casing removed and diced
handful of kale, torn into pieces
half a ball of fresh smoked mozzarella

Whisk the milk, eggs, flour and pimenton in a large bowl. Don't worry if the flour is lumpy.

In a large heavy nonstick skillet, heat the chorizo with the onion in some olive oil and cook about 4 minutes on medium heat, until the onion is soft.

Add in the kale, and cook another minute. Season w/ kosher salt & pepper.

Pour in the egg mixture and dot with the mozzarella cheese.

Cook on medium heat about 7 minutes until the omelet is set.

Transfer to a 350F oven for 15 minutes until the entire frittata is cooked.

Slide out onto a serving dish and enjoy!