Spring Potato & Asparagus Salad w/ Chive Vinaigrette

I love this salad.
I love this dressing.

It's a winning combination and so simple.
Make sure you are only making it now, spring, when asparagus, radishes, chives and new potatoes are in all their glory!

Not sure why the little bit of maple syrup works in the dressing, but it does!
I want to pour this on everything.

This is the perfect salad for your Mother's Day or Memorial Day gathering.

You can also make a scallion vinaigrette, but the chives are more subtle.


1 lb. red new potatoes
1 lb. skinny asparagus spears, cut into quarters
3 radishes, sliced

Chive Vinaigrette (adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow):

1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp maple syrup (do not skip this)
2 tbsp of white wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
big tablespoon of fresh chives
salt & pepper

Mix vinaigrette with a fork, and keep separate until ready to serve.

Boil the new potatoes for 22 minutes (until fork tender).
During the last 2 minutes of boiling, I throw the cut asparagus spears in the same pot w/ the potatoes......cook 2 minutes if they are skinny spears.

Cut the potatoes into quarters and throw them into a bowl w/ the sliced radishes and cooked asparagus (I rinse my asparagus after cooking in very cold water to set the green color).

Let everything sit at room temperature until you are ready to serve the salad.

Just before serving, pour the vinaigrette over the salad components and toss.
Season w/ salt & pepper.

This is good stuff.


Bebe said…
That does sound good. Re the maple syrup, I have always added a little bit of sugar to vinaigrette (I don’t premix dressing. Just slosh things into the salad starting with a small amount of oil. Then I found seasoned rice wine vinegar which achieved the same mellow balance.
Maple syrup sounds interesting...
Trigirlpink said…
Sounds really good. Thanks Stacy!
Anonymous said…
I made this tonight and it was delicious. I might add more radishes for more color and they are delicious in the recipe.
Great summer salad. Dressing is yummy.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing.