Smoked Salmon Flatbread Pizzas

Put down that bagel and lox! this is your new brunch food, and you can share it with a friend.

Use flatbread or Naan bread instead of that heavy bagel (sorry bagel) to make this so called "breakfast pizza".

Toast the flatbread until crisp and let it cool.

Spread with some creme fraiche or sour cream (better and lighter than cream cheese).

Layer good quality smoked salmon and top with these pickled onions, capers and green onions.

A few grinds of black pepper and you are ready to share.


Kelly Mahan said…
I think pizza is so much fun to make! Love trying different flavors and recipes, can't wait to make this one too!
Anonymous said…
I wish you would open a restaurant so I could come visit!
Your "Maine friend",