Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Apples & Spinach (hazelnuts too!)

I think this is my first Brussels sprouts post of the season!

For some reason, I have grown tired of the trendy little cabbages, especially the ones I see on menus these days with disgusting sweet glazes and sauces covering up the vegetables!

Leave the vegetables alone! They taste good on their own (usually).

This time, I found some fresh little baby Brussels sprouts and they were so sweet and good. I roasted them my usual way with some kosher salt and oil (I've been using avocado oil lately with good results at high roasting temps). About 20 minutes at 425F.

I tossed them with sliced Braeburn apples, fresh spinach (not baby spinach....but the real hearty stuff!), some toasted hazelnuts and a fantastic salad was born.

I made a dressing of a little maple syrup mixed with red wine vinegar and mustard and a small drop of oil.

I ate this warm and it was so delicious.....I need more salads like this in my life.



Anonymous said…
I love Brussels sprouts! I love salads! This is going to be great, I know!