Chicken Legs Sheet Pan Dinner with Bread & Bacon

Chicken. Bacon. Bread. Vegetables.

Do it.

Put it all on a sheet pan and roast it for 45 minutes. The bread gets nice and crispy (with the help of melted butter!).

You can add any vegetables you like.

Here, I used a sweet potato (original recipe calls for a regular potato).....I also added in Brussels sprouts.
You can really add whatever you like, it's just the basic idea of cooking everything together on one pan that makes it so appealing.


Here's how:

Sheet-Pan Chicken with Sourdough and Bacon: (recipe adapted from Food & Wine)

1/2 pound sourdough boule, or baguette sliced or torn into 2-inch pieces

1/2 pound slab bacon, cut into 1-by- 1/2-inch lardons

1 large baking or sweet potato, 3/4-inch wedges

bunch of Brussels sprouts, halved
1 large red onion, cut into 1-inch wedges

2 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, melted
4 oregano or rosemary sprigs
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper

 a few tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil

 Kosher salt
black pepper

 6 whole chicken legs

Preheat the oven to 400°.

On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss the bread with the melted butter.

Next, layer on the bacon, potato, onion, oregano and crushed red pepper and drizzle with the olive oil and season generously with kosher salt and black pepper. Spread in an even layer.

Season the chicken with kosher salt and black pepper and arrange on top of the bread mixture.

Roast the chicken and bread mixture for about 45 minutes, until the bread is crisp and an instant-read thermometer inserted in the chicken registers 160°.



Bebe said…
Substitution questions can be a pain, but I just bought a package of the nicest looking boneless skinless chicken thighs. Would they be a disaster in this? (I usually use them in a dish that has mushrooms and artichoke hearts with some sherry and rosemary - saucy) This just looked so appealing and so easy. What do you think?
Alicia said…

Alicia said...
I saw this yesterday on your blog and thought what a good idea it was. So I made it for dinner.Fantastic and delicious! Threw in some carrots and broccoli.
Stacey Snacks said…

Nope! No boneless thighs here, they will dry out too quickly, and no pan drippings!