Monday, August 28, 2017

Marie's French Bread Pizzas

Remember Stouffer's Frozen French Bread Pizzas?

They were so good, but I ALWAYS burned the roof of my mouth on them. I never could wait for them to cool.

If you google "burning your mouth on French Bread Pizzas......." there is a whole forum devoted to impatient pizza eaters like me!

No difference 20 years later.

I made Marie's French Bread Pizzas (she calls it Tomato Bread) and burned my mouth on the hot cherry tomatoes........I guess I will never learn.

The only change I made to Marie's recipe is that I added garlic powder and used ciabatta instead of a baguette.

Make these while local cherry tomatoes are still available, the kids will think you are a superstar.

Marie's recipe is here.


Unknown said...

Sorry you burned your mouth, but they look delicious! xo

Proud Italian Cook said...

That was my comment above, let it cool down next time xo