Marie's French Bread Pizzas

Remember Stouffer's Frozen French Bread Pizzas?

They were so good, but I ALWAYS burned the roof of my mouth on them. I never could wait for them to cool.

If you google "burning your mouth on French Bread Pizzas......." there is a whole forum devoted to impatient pizza eaters like me!

No difference 20 years later.

I made Marie's French Bread Pizzas (she calls it Tomato Bread) and burned my mouth on the hot cherry tomatoes........I guess I will never learn.

The only change I made to Marie's recipe is that I added garlic powder and used ciabatta instead of a baguette.

Make these while local cherry tomatoes are still available, the kids will think you are a superstar.

Marie's recipe is here.


Unknown said…
Sorry you burned your mouth, but they look delicious! xo
That was my comment above, let it cool down next time xo