A Few of My Favorite Things.......9 Years & a Giveaway!

Today is the 9th Anniversary of Stacey Snacks.

I have enjoyed writing about and photographing the foods I eat and cook for the past 9 years......I can't believe it's been that long.

I have decided that when I turn 10, I am going to end my reign as Stacey Snacks and reinvent myself (I do this every 10 years)........don't worry, you have me for another year of recipes and ramblings.

This is the first blog post I ever wrote to introduce myself back in 2008. I never published it, but was going thru my archives, so thought, why not?

NOTHING has changed on my favorite foods list (except I might add kimchi to the list today). I'm consistent and dependable.

Please enjoy and hum to the tune from The Sound of Music.........

"Raindrops on Roses (corny) and Whiskers on Kittens (I guess so).

Bright Copper Kettles
(I like original patina) and Warm Woolen Mittens (makes me itch).

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String (that is intriguing, could be a bakery item).

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Let's get to the real stuff (food items only):

I absolutely love an AVOCADO: sprinkled with kosher salt, I love them just by themselves, or in guacamole.

PIZZA: but only from New Jersey, Brooklyn, NYC or Philly.

ARUGULA: by far, my favorite green, especially from the garden, scary spicy.

PASTA: in any shape or form. w/ butter, w/ cheese, a ragu, pesto, you name it, I'll eat it and love it.

EGGS: I eat them everyday for breakfast. I love them hardboiled, egg salad, fried, or soft boiled.

CHEESE: can't live without it. Especially good cheese from the cheese man in town. God help me if I ever become lactose intolerant.

CILANTRO: This is a love hate thing for most people. You either love it or hate it. I love it. It is my favorite herb. Sometimes I snip a piece of a leaf in the supermarket just to smell it. Best in guacamole and with any Southwestern recipes.

FIGS: Fresh of course. I have a fig tree that produces maybe 10 fruits the whole season! I LOVE Kadota, or Mission. Sliced and served on crostini w/ ricotta and a drizzle of balsamic and I am in heaven!

FRIED EGGPLANT: it has to be done just right, has to be sliced paper thin, with a light batter, rolled in a rollatine, or just eaten fresh out of the pan!

To celebrate 9 years, I am giving away 3 Deiss Pro Dual Julienne Peelers to my loyal readers. This is my new favorite tool.....one side peels the vegetable, the other side makes zoodles! (I am also giving away Deiss Pro Apple Peelers and Corer sets).

What are your favorite foods? Just leave a comment!

Thanks for reading me for all this time. :)



Bebe said…
It was too good to be true. First in line and then drummed out of the corps by captcha.

With you on avocado, pasta and pizza (and all your yummy cakes and muffins), I have to pass on arugular, cilantro and eggplant due to an unruly roommate by marriage. But I did get him to eat broccoli - one of my favorites - and I don’t mind having a little jar of pickled beets all to myself.

Cripes Suzette lead me to you a few years ago. I have always been grateful to both of you. I hope you come up with a way to keep going for more than a year…I visit you every morning, sometimes quietly.

XO, Bebe
Valerie Suhanosky said…
Love your blog, would not miss it for anything....my favorite foods have got to be vegetables, eggplant, zucchini,fresh strignbeans. Love them anyway that can be made> Thank you for all the years you have made us foodie addicted people happy! Have a nice fourth!

karen said…
My favorite food: good bread. Sorry you will be retiring your blog - it's one of the first things I look at every morning!
My favorite food would be a Jersey tomato. The only thing I can't find here in southern California.The closest flavor I can get is in a sweet Japanese tomato from the farmers' market. I hope your reinvention includes another blog!
We have similar tastes, but I would have to add bread; especially a fresh French baguette. I love the julienne slicer. Had no clue they made such a tool. I really need that I have enjoyed you for most of 10 years even though I rarely comment. Looking forward to the next 10 years.
Unknown said…
Happy to be among the many fans of Stacey Snacks. I have been reading your blog if not from the beginning, darn close. I was the first in my family (daughter, daughter-in-law to latch onto blogs. Very proud of that fact. I especially love your posts from Paris (la fermiere yogurt in the clay pots!). Keep going another 9!
Unknown said…
Stacey, what's going on. You say we have you for another year. And something about reinvention? What? Please do not stop-- ever. I love your blog and would miss you so much. I look forward every year to my vicarious trip to France. I look forward every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to what you're making and doing. I agree with you on almost everything regarding eating and cooking. I think I would love this tool so: my favorite foods are potatoes, fresh tomatoes in summer, cherries, rich chicken soup with knaidl (matzoh balls) made according to my grandmother's recipe, smoked brisket, and good Thai green curry. Please never stop writing your blog!
phoebegirl said…
Love, love, love, pesto!!! Favorite way to eat it... on top of grilled pizza with fresh shrimp from NC waters. Lucky to have an never ending supply in the summertime. Sorry to see you go....
Anonymous said…
I have been on many many blogs but only follow a few on a daily basis and I’m happy to say I like yours the best because you get right to the point and your recipes are simple and easy to make. I especially enjoy your tartine recipes and your easy cake and tart recipes. You turned me on to Proud Italian Cook’s blog which I like because I too am Italian. I have many favorite foods including fruits and vegetables but love a good steak and baked potato every now and then. Hopefully you won’t give up blogging in year 10. Rose Ann.
Elizabeth said…
Stacey, we'd really miss you if you stopped blogging in a year! I have a lot of fun reading your recipes and travel stories.

My favorites are ice cream, apples, peanut butter, avocado, and many more.
Meeeeeg said…
Wow, 9 years! hopefully you'll just reinvent the blog next year ;)

#1 favorite food is ice cream
Close runners up are cornbread, cucumbers, fruit crisp, nectarines.

Amen Kahwajy said…
That raisin onion, mustard seed thing you made last April!
Hi , i love your cake recipes ... reading your blog has improved my cooking skills
Thank you for sharing
Nathalie B
cyclingrandma said…
I love: salmon, avocados, figs, ice cream. Fresh fruits and vegs. Congrats on 9 years! I'd love the peeler. Always love new gadgets.
Lali said…
My favorite thing is you blog!!! I have been a subscriber probably from the beginning and have turned many friends on to it. I am a faithful reader and yours is my first go to when trying to figure something out for dinner or what to do with ingredients I have on hand. I love the fact that you have succinct commentary and mainly concentrate on the process and recipe. I hope you decide to reinvent another blog...please don't stop as we all would be very sad to loose our connection with you. Some of my favorite foods are tomatoes, nectarines, summer cucumbers, good cheese any anything grilled.
Happy 9th and 4th!!!
Unknown said…
I have learned so many things from you. So, thanks for letting all of into your life. The peeler looks cool. My favorite food is mushrooms in every single way.
Carol L. said…
Sorry I there's only a year left. I've followed you for years, but quietly. I've got wonderful recipes from your blog. I love all pastas, escarole, figs, all berries, shrimp, crusty bread, turkey etc etc. I love reading about your trips to France, your antiques and dining experiences. Thanks for the giveaway chance Stacey. Happy 4th. Happy Anniversary.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, there's so much out there that I love to eat! Cherries are #1! More importantly my 17 year old daughter's Marine Corp boyfriend drove 13 hours to see her for a day and a half and last night she made strawberry cake for them to have for breakfast, from your post of course. It's a favorite for them, thanks for being a part of our lives and congrats on 9 years!
Lisa from Sag Harbor
Chibeliever said…
I love anything fresh from the farmers markets. Yesterday I enjoyed shelling peas and nice juicy cherries!
Diane Hoey said…
How did cake/baked goods not make your list? I enjoy and envy all your baked goods. I love bread and cake and most things doughy. Thanks for sharing your recipes, tips and humor with us.
Kimt said…
Favorite...besides wine...there is not too much I do not like. Love summer corn and tomatoes. Any kind of seafood. Summer peaches...and all the baked goods to go w that.
Patsy said…
Oh no you don't! You are not getting away that easily. I'm just going to have to stalk you on Instagram and Facebook (lol)! I'm a Mexican and Chinese food girl, preferably as spicy as you can make it. Huevos Rancheros with Habanero sauce? Yes, please (don't forget the extra cilantro sprinkled on top), Don's Chinese chicken from Spring Lake? But of course...and please throw in some dried red Chinese chilies that will disguise themselves as a slice of eggplant or mushroom and only announce their presence when it's too late and you're already halfway through that bite.
There are so many great things about your blog, Stacey. Your inspiring and creative cooking, your ability to make everything seem effortless, your unique and witty sense of humor, your annual pilgrimages to France, the wait each week to see what's in Henry's lunchbox (lucky guy). But I'd bet that the best thing has been the connections you've made with new friends near and far...and their's with you. It certainly has been the best part for me!
Katie C. said…
Happy anniversary! I agree with your food list but no beets for me please! Add in a lot of fresh fruit, pork chops, steak and good bread.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the anniversary, Stacey! I love avocados, cheese, pasta and pizza, but I'd have to add chocolate, raspberries, peaches and fresh bread. Corn on the cob and jersey tomatoes!

Happy 4th,

Anonymous said…
Have loved your blog for years! It's the first place I look for a recipe and I have so many favorites. Arugula and basil are right up there as a favorite food, along with homemade kefir. Thanks for sharing with us for nine years.
Carol said…
Happy Anniversary!! I enjoy your blog and have made many of your recipes. My favorite food is definitely pizza!! Happy Fourth of July!!
GottaEAT said…
I Love your Blog! I also Love food - all of it EXCEPT organ meats. When I was a kid, my mother made me eat liver and onions once a week for years. Every night it was the same scene, I would chew it forever, could not swallow it, then would sob uncontrollably at the table for couple hours - she would not let me leave the table...felt like a punishment. When I was 12, I swore I would never make my kids eat liver and onions( they're adults now and I have kept my promise). I hope you never leave the Food World!
Anonymous said…
I will be sorry to see you leave next year. There have been many a night you've saved my butt as to "what will I make for dinner tonight". I check my emails and there you are with something interesting. I even use your website when we are staying at our house in France for inspiriation. I am hoping your website and archives of recipes will still be accessible. My favorite foods, my gosh there are so many, avocados, eggs, cheese, fresh strawberries, or anything with fresh strawberries in in it, arugula, fresh figs, ricotta...Thanks!
Rose Blamey
Anonymous said…
Dear Stacey:
Just like you, one of my favorite foods is pasta, in any and all forms. :) Thank you so much for sharing your time, wit and recipes with us - no small feat; I have enjoyed your posts immensely and have shared them with friends and family. I look forward to the next year, but with a little sadness as well.
Happy 4th!
Anna from Cedar Knolls
Portia825 said…
Love your blog - and smoked trout on deviled eggs (your recipe). Also NJ blueberries, fresh corn, fresh cherries, rhubarb , and bread pudding.
Carla said…
Too many favorite foods to list but anything Italian is definitely at the top of the list. Thanks for all the great posts over the years. Looking forward to what year 10 has in store for you.

Anonymous said…
Dark chocolate, freshly baked cookies, and home made ice cream top my list. Please don't leave us. At least not without a cookbook. Thank you for all the posts and for the giveaway.
Eileen said…
I will follow, whatever you do!
Anonymous said…
Good Bread is my thing - from the French bakery-the Italian bakery - Pizza - love to make Dough - Avocados/Cheese/Figs/All Vegies-Broccoli Rabe/Arugula Pasta/eggs - OMG - I am starving - thanks for the giveaway - oh and Good Dark Chocolate
Stephanie said…
Congratulations Stacey! Here's to another 9 years. I've gotten a lot of good advice and great recipes from you and I hope you're still cooking well into the future.

I love freshly made pancakes with butter and maple syrup, roasted nuts of any kind, fresh ripe mangoes, grilled steak and chimichurri sauce, mashed potatoes, spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese and pecan or peach pie.

Unknown said…
Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring blog!

Broccoli, barely cooked with olive oil and lemon juice.
Artichokes with rice, onion, dill, parsley, lemon, olive oil, chicken broth.
Homemade Vanilla ice cream,served with either a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.
Peaches, alone or in anything sweet or savory-- the Stacey Snacks blog entry featuring peach pizza just popped in my head!
Any kind of fruit galette.
Trigirlpink said…
1. Manchego cheese with seeded crackers with a red grape slice on top.
2. Cold Mustard Pickles- can be very difficult to find ones like my gram used to make.
3. Any vegetable that holds up well on the grill. Speaking of a grill. A hot dog almost burnt on a New England type hotdog roll (not round) with dill relish
(not sweet) and yellow mustard.
4. Super junky but Salt and Vinegar Chips
Carla said…
Howdy Stacey,
My favorite food was the grilled meatloaf sandwich with a spicy ketchup sauce on good crusty bread from Sky Diner here in Dallas. Alas, they closed awhile back and have left me searching for a worthy replacement.
You enticed me to try figs for the first time with all your luscious sounding recipes, beautiful pictures and simple encouragement. Fig dishes are now my bookclub gals most requested dishes. Well, except for my Perrini Ranch Sourdough Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce.
I too, love your travelogues of France and your NYC tales.
Reinvent if you must, but I'm perfectly content to spend another nine years with you as Stacey Snacks!
Mariceli said…
Hi! Well you and I have similar tastes. The only thing is tat you manage to stay in shape and I don't, LOL. Love your recipes.
Unknown said…
Hi Stacey,

I've followed your blog for nearly all of SS's run of 10 years and I wouldn't have my AM coffee without reading SS or Content in a Cottage. That's it...those 2. If I have to name a 'favorite' food it's zucchini. I love chocolate, crepes, filet mignon, salmon and on and on...but zucchini always satisfies me. Favorite preparation? Fritters. Grated with parm and garlic, a small amount of cornmeal and flour, a beaten egg and fried! A little lemon zest and horsey sauce and I'm HAPPY. Happy is the new something or another. Love Missy
Natalia said…
I've enjoyed your recipes, which are easy to follow and turn out fabulous - with many compliments - thank you Stacey!

I love fresh fish - salmon is my favorite. Avocado is high on my list but not on toast. I love fresh herbs of any kind, on any food, even my morning eggs. A tomato fresh off the vine in my garden is one of the best treats - better than candy!

Although I love sweets, in recently doing the Whole30 diet I've grown to appreciate nature's candy more - fruit of the season. Keep up the good work!
New to your site and looking to forward to reading your blogs. Love the look of the veggie peeler, would love to win!
rcoda said…
I would have to say that my favorite food is my home cold-smoked salmon. Followed by really good sashimi, and of course, Grandma Coda's Chicken and Polenta!
gourmet goddess said…
The one and only blog I still read , I love all your food groups and have a love hate relationship with cilantro - and that is driven by my family . Would add greek feta and greek olive oil to my list .

Looking forward to your reinvention - thank you for keeping it real and pragmatic !

Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your anniversary! Now just go ahead and forget this one more year stuff, what would we ever do? I think I am like many of your readers, some really good bread and of course some yummy pastries would top my list. And I would not change one thing off your list, all my favorite things as well. I think we are going to have to try out the new peeler, even if I don't win, I was looking at a zoodle device in the store and they were too pricey to just try the fad out. - Lisa Walker
Foodiewife said…
Happy Anniversary, Stacey. You were one of the first food bloggers who actually reached out to me in such a friendly way. I really appreciated that. I admire how faithful you've been with your blog. I can't say the same, as I have taken a bit of a break many months. I've made several of your recipes, watched your beautiful vacations in Paris and laughed at some of your comments. I think we share the love of the same things, except for one. Goat cheese! I try and try, and just can't stomach it at all. I have one of those gadgets you're giving away, and it's a fun tool. I just wanted to say that I still read your blog and look forward to more in the future.
Wendy said…
Favorite food - jersey tomato grown by my dad in his backyard. Favorite blog - yours. I read your blog backwards to the beginning when l discovered it several years ago, and it became the first blog I read every morning since. I get your sense of humor. I'll miss it when you stop.
Hey girl you're scaring me, you better not be going too far when you reinvent yourself, but I get it, it will be 10 years for me this August, time sure flies when you're having fun. You know I love everything about you, Happy 9TH!
Too many foods to mention that I love, I'd take up too much space, but artichokes are near and dear to my heart. XO
Shannon said…
My favorite foods are avocado, beets, and cheese. That's probably why I follow your cooking adventures! Thanks for the constant inspiration!
Sarah said…
Congratulations on 9 years! I've been following you for probably about 4 of them -- and continue to check in every other day.

A few of my favourite foods have come from your recipes and include versions of your quinoa salad with brussells sprouts and most recently your pea pesto -- I can't get enough of it!

I'd be thrilled to win one of the julienne peeler

Stacey, I've adored your blog from the beginning and am sorry you have only one more year. But I totally understand. My all time favorite food is tomatoes. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas that is famous for their Bradley County Pink Tomatoes. Being married to a New Jersey fellow that loves Jersey tomatoes finally convinced me that Jersey tomatoes are wonderful and (almost) as good as Pink Tomatoes. We finally found a compromise with Cherokee Purple tomatoes and they are as good as it gets. But feel free to disagree and be on the side of Jerseys. A good tomato is a good tomato.

I will enjoy your blog this year and can't wait to see your reinvention.
Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey!
Congrats on your success!...Cannot imagine not seeing your posts every morning....thank goodness we have one more year!!!....Love all your cake recipes much and learned so much...My favorite foods are pasta....pizza and leafy greens . OH cannot forget the bread!!!....oxoo.
Michele S.
Tonia said…
Love, love, love all your posts...things that people really want to eat:)
Also love your adventures.

My favorite foods are slow roasted tomatoes in olive oil with garlic and herbs, my husbands homemade bread, cheese especially soft rind cheeses from France, olives, salads of all kinds esp composed salads and last but NOT least...leek and potato soup which I eat almost everyday.
Have a fabulous day!
Irishnana4 said…
I need one of those peelers! Is this my lucky day or what???

Have a great 5th of July or a fifth of any beverage of your choice,
Unknown said…
Happy Anniversary! I have so enjoyed your page and blog. Definitely one of my faves! Hate to see you go. :(
A few of my favorite foods:

Jersey tomatoes
Tomato sauce
Eggplant Parmesan
Are you sure you are not Australian? Lol. We eat avocado with everything....Was there life before the avocado? You love all my favourite foods including the Kim Chi and Coriander (Cilantro).

I live on an Island just off the Coast of Queensland Australia. Avocado's grow very well here.
So enjoy your blog.
Have been to NYC but not New Jersey.
Lori Lynn said…
Great first post, Stace!
Foie Gras.
Nothing fancy, of course.
I've been enjoying your writing and recipes for all 9 years. Whew, thanks for the heads up on your transformation...I'll need a year just to digest that. Best wishes for continued success in whatever you do!
I will always be a fan.
Lori Lynn
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary Stacey! This might sound weird but my favorite food is tomatoes...because there are SO many different recipes that you can use them with! Also, they are good for you too. Actually, one of my favorite recipes is one of yours...the tomato pie one. I have made it numerous times & especially like it in the summer when you can pick them fresh from the garden. Hope you are having a great summer. Your "Maine friend", Wanda :)
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I'm a little late in catching up with my favorite blogs, but I couldn't let this go without complaining - even though you say "no complaining." You simply cannot stop blogging girl! Seriously, I don't know how you manage to post as often as you do. It's more work than people realize. But you have a devoted coterie of followers who will miss you,including me. Thankfully, we'll be able to connect on IG and FB (and in person)and if you are really serious about reinventing yourself, I know it's going to be even more engaging than Stacey Snacks. Congratulations on your 9 year blogiversary. Mine is coming around soon too, and it's hard to believe we've come along so many years. I've come to rely on you for great restaurant recos, especially in NYC.
Diana Heller said…
Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment of 9 years as Stacey Snacks! I have also enjoyed your blog. I am sure you have your reasons for only continuing for 1 more year. Clearly, you are treasured by so many.

I have so many favorite foods it's hard to list them. I love sea urchin, fiddlehead ferns, morel mushrooms, almost any cheese, shellfish and Scottish or King Salmon.

Wishing you an incredibly enjoyable last year of your blog. I hope you reconsider. Wishing you all the happiness, love and best of luck, always! oxox
Anonymous said…
I don't have just one favorite food I have two - broccoli rabe sauted with garlic in olive oil with a dash of red pepper flakes; and brussel sprouts, roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add freshly baked homemade Italian bread and it's YUMMY!!

Love your blog and will also stay tuned to whatever you plan to reinvent.

Anonymous said…
I have used a lot of your recipes because we like a lot of the same food! Will miss you when you re-invent but understand. I love avocado any way, even tried making ice-cream and it was surprisingly very tasty. Salmon, roasted veggies, fruit crisps and huckleberry ice-cream. Thanks for sharing your life with us, especially your Paris visits! Blessings! Cathy from Idaho
kuma's mom said…
Just discovered you from a search for "the best potato salad." Made it for a party today and it was a huge hit. It's your recipe from 2009. The classics never go out of style! Since I'm just discovering you, looks like you need to go another 10 years before reinventing yourself.
Lisa Faley said…
Well done you! I missed this post due to travelling, but wanted to leave a comment and congratulate you on your amazing and successful blog!! Still one of my favourites for years and years. Well done Stacey! Love the revived post .... nice to see some things never change ��