Melissa Clark's Vietnamese Chicken

It's time to get your grilling on.

I have been cooking my way thru Dinner Changing the Game by Melissa Clark.
The recipes have all been pretty simple and delicious.

Here, it's about the marinade.....Ms. Clark puts the thighs under the broiler, but Ms. Snacks put her thighs on the grill.

I line the grill with heavy duty foil and grill the chicken thighs for about 25 minutes, turning one time.
They come out perfect every time, and you just roll up the foil and toss cleaning the grill.

The original recipe includes grilled eggplants, which I can only imagine making the dish even better, but the husband hates eggplants. boo hoo for me.

Make this for 4th of July.......we loved it over rice.


Here's how:

2 garlic cloves
1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
Pinch of crushed red pepper
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 scallion, white and light green part only, thinly sliced
4 Asian eggplants, halved lengthwise (optional)
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
6-8 boneless chicken thighs

Light a grill or preheat the broiler.

Brush the eggplants (if using) with 1 1/2 tablespoons of the oil and season with salt and pepper.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Stir the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons of oil into the remaining garlic-lime mixture and spread it all over the chicken. I let the thighs marinate for the day in the fridge.

Grill or broil the chicken and eggplants, turning once, until cooked through, about 5 minutes for the eggplants and 12 minutes for the chicken.

Transfer to a platter and serve over rice. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on top.

Really delicious!


Natalia said…
Yum - these sound amazing! I too would prefer making this on the grill bc I like that taste much better. Making this tonight (also without eggplant). What is it with men & disliking eggplant?
I love that cookbook. I went to a reading and book signing with Melissa Clark and a couple of other authors a few weeks ago. I am working my way through the book as well. You are helping me decide which recipes to try next.

I'm not fond of eggplant either. I find I'm mildly allergic to it for one thing (makes my mouth burn when I eat it). Sometimes I have it in a restaurant and it's good, but it's one of those foods I can never successfully make taste good at home (tofu is another one).
Stacey Snacks said…
It's so funny how many people HATE eggplant!!! I love it!
You are not allergic to it, it makes my gums burn's the seeds.
My husband's tongue tingles and he hate the taste, but he will eat it if it is super thin an fried!

Carol in California said…
This sounds like a recipe I made years ago....and got buried in my pile (or recipe binder, I no longer review). Most of my recipes now come from you, Sunset magazine or NY Times. I'll make this tomorrow night. Thanks Stacey, you have introduced me to lots of great recipes. I made Martha's Strawberry cake Sunday night. yummy. gave your link to several guests.