Roasted Asparagus w/ Burrata & Brown Butter

This may sound odd to you, a salad with no oil, no vinegar, just browned butter and almonds?

Trust me, this is the best salad I have made in a long time.

I saw Nancy Silverton of Mozza Restaurant in California make an asparagus dish with the season's freshest spears (right now!) and a big ball of burrata in the middle.

She pressed down in the middle of the cheese and drizzled with browned butter and sliced almonds.
A bit of sea salt & pepper, that's all.

I was intrigued.

I seared a big bunch of New Jersey asparagus w/ olive oil and kosher salt. About 5 minutes in a skillet, that's it. You want it nice and crispy if it's fresh.

Lay the asparagus out on a platter and place a big ball of burrata (that milky, creamy mozzarella) in the center. Create a little well in the center of the ball w/ your finger or the back of a spoon.

Heat 2 tablespoons of butter on medium heat using the same skillet as you cooked the asparagus spears in, and add in some sliced almonds.
Cook until the butter is not burning, but just browning, about 3 minutes, it will smell very nutty, if that makes sense.

Immediately pour this mixture over the ball of cheese and asparagus spears. You can serve it now, or be like me, and add in roasted beets, arugula from my garden and a sliced avocado (only pour the butter on the burrata and asparagus....leave the rest naked).

This is one beautiful salad, and I shared it with a friend.



Amen Kahwajy said…
Just finished supper, this was the hit! No burrata, but subbed in some feta. The butter, seasoned with rosemary, makes this great. Thanks, Stacey.
Stacey Snacks said…
I love that you try my recipes!
Thank you!

Kathy said…
Wow! What's not to like.....cheese, butter and asparagus!