Cauliflower Rice "Risotto" with Asparagus & Peas

I caved and finally got on the cauliflower rice train.

What a pain, ricing a head of cauliflower to get this dry, bland, tasteless stuff that resembles rice, but is not.

I made the pizza crust with the stuff and some other recipes, but it did not impress me. Certainly not enough for all that work.

My sister and Marie told me that Trader Joe's sells frozen cauliflower rice in a bag, already shredded for why not. I had nothing to lose but a few bucks.

It makes a great fried rice, with some soy sauce and sesame seeds (and kimchi of course), it's pretty good.
I would buy it again.

And after I made this recipe, I will buy it again and AGAIN!
I love saving carbs and calories.....and no one knew that they were eating cauliflower and not rice.

I am calling this a risotto, but it's really not....there is no hot broth or stirring involved.

It's just a pretty and tasty spring side dish.

We loved this with seared wild salmon.

Here's how:

1 bag of frozen cauliflower rice (defrosted in a hot non-stick skillet, as per directions on bag)
1 head of asparagus, trimmed and cut into thirds
1/2 cup of defrosted or fresh spring peas
zest of a lemon
1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
good olive oil
salt & pepper
snipped chives
steamed purple cauliflower (good luck finding that!), or pickled cauliflower (this is just for garnish)
1 tbsp of pea pesto (recipe here), or jarred pesto

Make sure your cauliflower rice is fully defrosted (I do this in a nonstick skillet, then let it dry on a sheet pan).

In a heavy non-stick skillet, sear your asparagus pieces in some olive with kosher salt, about 3-4 minutes.

Add in the cauliflower rice and cook until the rice is turning golden, a couple of minutes. Add in the defrosted peas.

Transfer to a bowl and squeeze some lemon juice on top along w/ the tablespoon of pesto.
Season to taste w/ salt & pepper.

Add the lemon zest and a drizzle of olive oil just before serving.

I added in pickled cauliflower because I had some....and it was extra delicious!

This is great warm or at room temperature.
Make a double batch so you can have some for lunch tomorrow.

:) Me like.


katrynka said…
I totally agree with you on the pain in the neck of riceing cauliflower! I don't mind cutting in florets for roasting, but I'll take trader Joe's in a bag anyway!!
katrynka said…
Any day! Darn auto-correct!
katrynka said…
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katrynka said…
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Mary F said…
I buy the fresh cauliflower rice from TJs - we love it with a bunch of sautéed veggies including a chopped jalapeño- turn it into cauliflower veggie fried rice or put under filets of fish in a lemon white wine garlic sauce. Leftovers are outstanding in an egg white omelette!
I riced it once myself and never did it again! xo