Smashed Beans with Asparagus on Toast & a Giveaway

Another day, another cookbook.

This one is a good one.
Chock full of easy weeknight recipes, hence the name, Dinner: Changing the Game.

I love Melissa Clark's recipe column in the New York Times.....her recipes like her oven roasted shrimp & broccoli have become staples in my weeknight repertoire.

Here, I made the recipe for smashed white beans on toast w/ spring asparagus from her new book.

I pan seared my asparagus in a cast iron skillet instead of roasting them....(they stay crispier that way, less mush), and used canned beans instead of soaking dried beans overnight.

It is important to use a microplane to shave the garlic, otherwise the garlic flavor will be too assertive.

This is a great lunch, or party crostini for spring.

Here's how: (I cut the recipe in half to serve just the 2 of us)

1 can of cannellini beans, drained
1 large garlic clove, shaved on a microplane
zest of a lemon
1 tbsp of lemon juice
salt & pepper
a few cooked asparagus spears
toasted bread slices
olive oil
dried sumac for garnish (optional)

Heat the beans with the shaved garlic, a little oil and lemon juice in a pan until it smells good...about 5 minutes on low.
Mash some of the beans, leaving some of the beans whole. Set aside.

Cook your asparagus however you like....roast, steam, or pan sear. Cut the stalks into small pieces, good enough size to fit your toasts.

Spread some of this yummy warm bean mixture on warm toasts and top with asparagus spears.

Top with some lemon zest and season w/ salt & pepper.

A drizzle of olive oil to finish and some sumac powder for color......


I am giving away 2 copies of Melissa's new cookbook to my readers......please leave a comment and don't forget to leave your name!

Have a good day and eat your beans!


Valerie Suhanosky said…
would love to have some change up ideas, getting tired of trying to dream up new and interesting meals for the family.

Anonymous said…
hi Stacey
these look great!!
the cookbook would be great to win , thank you!!

Anonymous said…
this recipe looks easy and delicious ,
thank you for sharing every day new ideas
Nathalie B
Katie C. said…
Cannellini beans are my favorite of beans. Looks good!
This looks delicious, and that cookbook looks great as well :)

Christine R
Elizabeth W. said…
I've been eyeing this cookbook, and great idea about pan searing the asparagus - I'll try it.

Mary Clark said…
I love her column in the Times! Can't wait for the farmers market tomorrow to get some asparagus for this recipe.

auntiej said…
New ideas are always good. Love your blog and the recipes you choose.
karen said…
I love Melissa Clark! Thanks for sharing! Btw, your blog is one of the first things I look at in the morning.
Delish! Asparagus just came to Jersey City Saturday! Meredith
Renate Schulte said…
Love different ideas and books on food! You and she have great ideas!
Great meatless, interesting recipe. Dieting for a trip to Italy in May, but when we return will remember this recipe and give it a try.

Karen Brusnighan
MikeOstrov said…
Thanks as always. Hope I'm lucky enough for the book!
- mike ostrov
Sarah said…
I've been following your blog for several years now and have made (successfully) many of your very good recipes. I would also be interested in new ideas -- but do you mail to Canada? Thanks!
Andra Kinlaw said…
Love watching all of the creative, seasonal things you cook Stacey. I bet I've made 15 things that you've posted.

I love cookbooks, not just for new ideas, but I write in them when I make the recipe as a keepsake to pass along to my kids someday. Just a little snippet about what happened that, sports, news, milestone and what we liked and didn't like about the new creation.
linda obrien said…
Another recipe I'll have to try - love your blog - so many recipes, so little time - but I have a few faves. Cookbook looks great - definitely time to change the game - I'm trying to eat more 'alive' food than 'dead' food these days - its a challenge but way healthier! Looking fwd to tomorrows recipe!
Hi Stacey! I love the recipes you post on your blog, and am currently baking my way through many of your blueberry recipes as we celebrate the start of blueberry season down here in Florida. I'm very intrigued by Melissa Clark's cookbook... like many, I'm always looking for ways to make dinner fast, easy, enjoyable, and elegant. Thanks for all you do to make this happen!

--Chelsea J.
Janelle P said…
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Janelle P said…
I've enjoyed your blog for some time but haven't posted before. This recipe looks delicious. I love simple, healthy lunch options!
- Janelle
Unknown said…
This looks good. The recipes I know Will be easy to follow and the dish taste great.
Lee Klein said…
Great. Know I wiil love to cook with this recipe book.
Lee Klein.
Amen Kahwajy said…
Been raining here since Saturday, I'll make this tonight as we could use some comfort food.
Will add a small rosemary stalk to a shallow pan of salted water and simmer the asparagus in that. Will save a pride of place on the counter for the book...!
Ginger Lang said…
Eager to try this. Thank you!
Cindy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cindy said…
Thank you for posting this - looks easy and yummy!
Sounds and look delicious...thanks for sharing!! Carol
Mary said…
Yum, yum, can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing
Bebe said…
I don’t see how her book can be more interesting and useful than your blog, but I’ll toss my name in the ring.

Thanks for always being such helpful, entertaining company…

KT said…
Any cookbook that follows the Stacey principles (easy week night, fresh and interesting ingredients, one pan/one bowl) is a winner from my perspective. Would love to try Melissa's cookbook.
- Karen Trewin, Decorah, Iowa (recovered cream of soup user)
Dona said…
This looks amazingly fresh and appealing, I'd love to add this cookbook to my arsenal.
Dona Stewart
Anonymous said…
I look forward to your posts so much that I am sure any cookbook you like will be a good one.Thank you for doing the giveaway.
Gail said…
Thanks for the giveaway - looks so good
TK said…
Thanks for the great recipe! Would love to try soon. - TK
Melanie said…
Sounds delicious! I would love to try some of the recipes in this book!
J MIN said…
I love her columns in the NYT, and have had success with many of her recipes. This looks like a great recipe for when local asparagus is available! Thanks!
Lynn Havelka said…
Love your recipes, I always look forward to your posts. Many thanks for the opportunity to win this book!
Lisa Faley said…
YUM! This is my kind of lunch or snack! Never tried pan frying asparagus, nice tip! Thanks!
I'd love to add this to my collection of cookbooks! It looks like a real winner!
Carolsue Ezovski
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
Anonymous said…
I love your blog Stacey.....I've been reading it forever.
First time commenting.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Carrie Redmond