Roasted Sunchokes & Other Good Stuff

I went to the Union Square Greenmarket last week in search of life.

When I say life, I mean lively, local, seasonal ALIVE produce that I can't find anywhere by me (20 miles from Manhattan).
Something that is growing NOW.

I know I can go to a Whole Foods and probably find some interesting stuff, but what fun would that be? then you wouldn't let me complain to you about living in NJ during the lean months. :)

There wasn't much at the market yet except for beautiful breads and cheeses and pastries........and this guy selling horseradish root and every flavor of horseradish you can think of (cranberry; beet; creamy; BBQ; cockail sauce and mustard), so I bought 2 jars of pickles w/ horseradish, the BEST pickles on the planet. SO GOOD!

HOLY SCHMITT! these were good!

I didn't find watermelon radish, or ramps or asparagus or even a stalk of rhubarb, but I did find beautiful root vegetables.
Of every variety.

I came home w/ 3 types of beets, colorful spring carrots and tons of potatoes.
One woman was selling perfect tiny sunchokes for $6. per lb., so I bought them.

I have only had sunchokes maybe 3 times in my life......and I loved them. They are also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, but have nothing to do w/ artichokes, so just call them sunchokes, so you don't get confused.
They are actually a tuber in the sunflower family (to confuse you more).

These little babies were small and pretty. I didn't even need to peel them.
A crazy lady at the market told me to eat them raw, they were good for the little "things swimming around in my tummy". I think she meant the good bacteria? I don't know, it's NY, everyone has some crazy story to tell me (and probably some bacteria too).

I decided to roast the sunchokes for 25 minutes w/ olive oil and kosher salt, along w/ the heirloom carrots and Peruvian blue potatoes that I bought at the market......

Seasoning everything with just some simple sea salt and parsley.....a splash of vinegar, oil and honey at the end.

This was dinner, and it was great.


Carolyn said…
I never thought of splashing roasted vegetables with vinegar, oil and honey at the end! Must give this a try!
Bebe said…
I would be eating this for week. Alone. :-)