Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Toast: Tartines w/ Nocciolata & Orange Spread

No real cooking going on here, just a delicious idea for lunch or a snack.

If you follow me on instagram, you know I post Henry's Lunchbox almost daily.

Here for his Tuesday Toast, I made an open faced tartine using that delicious Italian chocolate hazelnut spread Nocciolata.

This wonderful stuff is made from organic Italian hazelnuts and is a different animal than the stuff that starts with an N.

I paired it with an orange marmellata made by the same company, made with organic Seville oranges and I chopped some NJ hazelnuts (yes, we grow hazelnuts in New Jersey!).

Here's how:

~ a few good slices of toasted brioche or challah bread (good quality white bread will do too, like from a Pullman loaf)
~ butter
~ Rigoni di Asiago organic hazelnut chocolate spread
~ Rigoni di Asiago Fior di Frutta with Seville oranges
~ chopped hazelnuts

Toast the bread and spread w/ some butter (I use European butter, cause I'm fancy).

Spread the toasts w/ the orange fior di frutta and drizzle with the chocolate hazelnut spread.
Garnish with chopped hazelnuts and serve warm.

Your kids will love these tartines too.


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Velva said...

Love, love it! Delicious. Thanks stacey for sharing.