Random Bites in Hoboken

Try parking in Hoboken on a sunny day.....and now with a foot of snow on the ground, good luck.
Cars have not been moved since the storm. They have been buried.

That being said, take the train if you can (says the girl who hates mass transit).
But get here.

Hoboken, I have been missing out. I haven't visited you in quite a while.

So many good things happening in this city again.
The old is new again. (kind of like me).

The French bakery Choc-o-Pain is fantastic.......serving better croissants and pastries than I get in Paris.

The Pilsener Haus is a huge biergarten with great German food, schnitzel and sausages.....great big tables and a great place to gather.

Very authentic.

Obviously, we ate indoors....but the outside patio looks like fun in the warmer weather ;)

Now move on to a 100 year old bakery in Hoboken which is now a restaurant and bar.......preparing EVERYTHING in the ancient original coal oven.

Antique Bar & Bakery, I love you.

The ambience is rustic, decorated with antiques, vintage 70's stuff and coziness throughout. You want to just hang here on a winter night.

And we did.

Ribeye for 2, a whole fish or half chicken prepared in that beautiful rustic oven.

Desserts were decadent and cocktails were special.

Service and ambience was amazing......I can't wait to go back, but get in line, because the wait is long.
This is the new "it" place.

Hoboken, thanks for welcoming me back.


Bebe said…
I cannot believe those 70s couches! I had one of those ugly boxy tweed things!!!

Stacey, is the little skillety-looking thing a dessert or are my eyes gone?

What a splendid-looking place. Why can’t we have more like that place? And the bakery!
Jen said…
OMG! I am dying to try Antique Bar! I love your restaurant posts.
Hope to bump into you in Jersey City or Hoboken sometime.

Unknown said…
We had our daughter's wedding a few months ago at The W Hotel in Hoboken! Perfect place, setting and was the best event EVER! 80 of us stayed for the weekend and it was a weekend to never forget! Perfect destination, easy to get to and YES we heart Hoboken! My kids now live in Jersey City, but will probably BUY something in Hoboken soon!
Beth Miller said…
We ate at Antique Bar last night, based on your recommendation.
What a fun place with great food and terrific service.
Loved the cocktaiils and the brussels sprouts were to die for!

I love your restaurant recommendations....they are as good as your recipes.
Thank you.
Beth Miller