Love List

I haven't done a product love list in a I am long overdue.

These are some of the things that I am obsessed with lately.

My friend Eileen from Living Tastefully: Passions to Pastry sent me a gorgeous olive oil from Provence called Mas des Bories for the holidays.

It is a very special oil, pure and natural and I am hooked. I have already ordered my second batch. Save it for salads and dipping, it's that good.
Weeks later, I received a handwritten letter from the owner/farmer, thanking me for purchasing the oil!

It is now available in the US via amazon. Click here to order.

Next obsession is any one of these confiture/jam/chutneys from Le Bon Magot (and I have tried them all!).

The cardamom and vanilla murabba is life changing. I LOVE it on toast (what don't I love on toast?)....and all the products are made locally in NJ and very special.

and lastly....many of you have asked me what kind of kimchi I am buying (since I have been posting so many kimchi recipes lately).

Well, I have tried many before I found a brand I really like.
Remember, kimchi is a Korean pro-biotic fermented cabbage, with a few other ingredients going on.

I have tried the hipster vegetarian kind; the authentic Korean grocer kind in the knotted plastic bag and some other brands, and did not fall in love.

I found the Bing Gre Pride Kimchi brand in the glass jar is best for me.

It was on the Serious Eats Best Kimchi list.

It's not overly spicy....there is anchovy and fish sauce in the ingredients, so it is not vegetarian, and it has just enough funk for my white girl palette (sorry, not PC).

It is also stored in a glass jar so your fridge doesn't stink....I made the mistake of storing kimchi in a rubbermaid plastic container, and even after washing in the dishwasher, the smell is still in the plastic.

I have an amazing kimchi beef stew on the blog tomorrow, so go out and find some now so you can make it tomorrow.



Mom said…
That olive oil and marmelade....yum! Oh how I wish I loved Kimchi. I love most fermented and sour foods but I have never tasted a Kimchi I loved which surprises me.
Nathalie said…
The olive oil is SOLD OUT! Wow, you are an influencer, for sure.
I am on the waiting list for their next batch...but will try another flavor from them thru amazon.

Anonymous said…
Yes! Stacey IS an influencer, Roxanne here, co-owner with my husband Nico of Mas Des Bories Olive Farm, Moulin (Mill) and of course Olive Oil. I always send a thank you letter for every new customer who buys our olive oil and all of the sudden I started getting all these orders in New Jersey, I couldn't figure out why. I thought maybe must be a person who is very social and is telling all of their friends about this new great olive oil they found. Why all these new customers in New Jersey?

Then today I read my Amazon Customer reviews and a customer wrote that they found our olive oil on a food blog from New Jersey. NEW JERSEY! That is it! That must be why I got all these new orders for people living in New Jersey, a food blog in New Jersey wrote about us.

I am visiting my elderly mother on my annual extended visit in Northern Illinois, and I brought 12 at 1 Liter AOC de Provence with me in my luggage, Amazon just checked them in a few days ago. Look close on the Amazon page as there are various flavors and sizes and it seems to me you have to really look hard to figure it out on Amazon, it is over on the right hand side of the page, the different flavors & sizes.

We will send our final shipment for the year probably in early April but we do not expect it will be enough to carry through until the next harvest in November, in other words we are going to run out sometime probably early summer maybe (?).

This is so cool that Stacy wrote about our olive oil, and many thanks to Eileen for gifting Stacy her first bottle. I LOVE New Jersey now! You have become one our top selling states. Our best markets are Washington DC, New York, Florida and of all places, Texas. You have put new Jersey on the 'ole Mas Des Bories important markets map :-')