Polenta Bowls w/ Roasted Vegetables

I love polenta with a braised shank on top, but what about a vegetarian version?

Comforting, hearty and so good!

Polenta is an Italian fine cornmeal, and truth be told, I sometimes just use good ol' Quaker corn meal.

Here's how to make it on the stovetop. It cooks up quickly.

1 cup of cornmeal/polenta
4 cups of chicken stock
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano
3 tbsp butter

Just keep stirring the cornmeal w/ the stock while bubbling, on medium heat until you get a desired thickness.
Add in the butter and cheese and stir in at the end. About 8 minutes of stirring w/ a silicone spatula.

Set aside.

Here, I roasted these beautiful baby red pearl onions with some olive oil and kosher salt.

Along with some broccoli and sauteed mushrooms with garlic.

I chopped up one of my precious oven roasted tomatoes and add it to the mix.

You can use any roasted vegetable you like.

Drizzle with olive oil just before serving.


Kboat said…
How beautiful! The colors are amazing together. You mentioned serving it with a shank on top-tell us that too,

I am making this tonight! Thanks for a great idea. I would have never thought of this.
Diane Hoey said…
Hearty and beautiful. Growing up in a Swiss-Italian household, polenta was a staple and a favoriate. Before polenta became more "mainstream", I was looking for it in a local grocery store. The worker said "Polenta? That's what poor people eat." It may not be expensive but it lends itself to many uses for those in the know.
Stacey Snacks said…
Funny that you say that....my mother in law's family is from Piedmont, and they were very poor in Italy......the aunts and grandmothers always made polenta! It is peasant food for sure.......funny, how food becomes trendy.
I love it.......

Cathy said…
Have had a dish like this in a restaurant with mushrooms and cheeses, it was fabulous.