Baked Brie w/ Cranberry Relish & Figs

I make extra cranberry relish during the holidays so I can have leftovers for recipes like this.

I love it best on grilled cheese, so why not swipe some on top of a wheel of brie or camembert?

I used to make a version with honey mustard and pistachios back in the 80's. This is one of the few recipes I use my microwave for.

You can assemble it ahead of time, then plop in the nuke for 45 seconds and you have a great holiday appetizer.

Slice off a thin layer of the top rind of the cheese.

Spread with some cranberry relish. Here is my tried and true recipe (click on link).

I topped mine with chopped dried figs, chopped pistachios and walnuts.
Top with some orange zest.

Place in the middle of a microwave safe plate and nuke for 30-45 seconds. You can keep reheating this as you go.

Serve with apples or crackers.

I could eat the whole thing.


Velva said…
Love it! Brie with cranberry relish and figs...delightful! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Holidays to you.

Ciao Chow Linda said…
It looks inviting, Stacey. I make something similar at Christmas too, and it's always one of the first things to go.
Kboat said…
Baked Brie-I agree, it is always the first to go and SO GOOD! I am a bit tired of my old version too so I love getting a new idea. Yours is prettier than mine! (My old Southern Living recipe calls for 5 Tablespoons of bourbon. I wonder how many fifths of bourbon I have used making this recipe)! Add cranberries to the grocery list.