Gluten Free Broccoli Flat Bread

Green Kitchen Stories calls these vegetable things "flatbreads". I will agree, they are flat.

No carbs, and no gluten for you bread fearing folks.

Think that cauliflower riced pizza crust I made, then you will get the idea.

I love anything made with vegetables, so I was intrigued.

Whatever you want to do with these pancake like things, go ahead.
I liked them with spreads and even for sandwiches. But if you are looking for bread, then go elsewhere.

These are more like fritters, cold pancakes or frittatas.

They come in carrot, broccoli and beet variety, and they were fun to make!

You whiz up some broccoli in a food processor, then in a bowl, add in almond meal, eggs and seasonings.

I used garlic powder, kosher salt, scallions, thyme and black pepper. They are very adaptable.

Recipe from Green Kitchen Stories here.

I made Henry's lunchbox sandwich with red pepper spread, some grilled chicken and basil leaves.

and for moi, I made my sandwich with beet hummus, avocado and dukkah.

But my favorite way to eat them was crisped up in the toaster oven with a fried crispy egg on top!

All delightful.

Eat your veggies.



angiemanzi said…
I have made them all. The beet flavor I served for aperos topped with sour cream and caviar and also herring. I have made the egg variety. I love them all.