Avocado Toast w/ Kimchi

I know I lost many of you this a.m. when you tuned in and saw the title.

Ew, kimchi. A stinky, fermented Korean dish of cabbage and fish sauce and other stuff.

Please stay, maybe you will change your mind.

I have had kimchi on the brain for some time, I know how healthy fermented foods are, like kimchi and sauerkraut. They are a good source of probiotics and have many cancer fighting properties. This girl wanted to start eating it everyday.

I wasn't sure what brand to buy. I wanted an authentic Korean brand, before trying to make it at home.

I asked my Korean grocer about it, and she said she eats it everyday. She would bring me a big tub from Queens (NY), where she lives.
I was willing to take the chance for 20 bucks, since she was so nice to get it for me.

This was the REAL stuff, not some fancy jar from a hipster's kitchen. A big tub of raw, stinky, funky, beautiful and spicy cabbage.
Love at first site, and first smell! (Though I do keep it in the garage refrigerator!).

For my first kimchi encounter, I decided on the avocado toast with kimchi in Julia Turshen's new cookbook SMALL VICTORIES.
People were raving about this recipe.

Here goes.......

Make the secret sauce:
Take 2 tbsp of the kimchi liquid and mix w/ 1 big tablespoon of mayo (you know I use Hellmann's Real).

Toast up some good whole grain bread and mash some avocado on the toast with a fork.
Sprinkle w/ sea salt.

Chop about a cup of kimchi (fermented cabbage) and top the avocado toast w/ the cabbage.

Drizzle on the secret sauce.

Top with sesame seeds and cilantro.

OMG. Loved this version of crazy avocado toast!

Even my husband loved this (shocking!).

Next up on the menu will be kimchi fried rice.

I will keep you posted.


The JR said…
Stacy, I just recently tried kimchi too.

I actually liked it too. But, it hated me. But, I'm glad I tried it. It was good.

Ramona from Mississippi
Unknown said…
In Korea, they usually have separate kimchi refrigerators:) I have a small jar in my refrigerator, and usually just chop it into rice. Avocado toast sounds much better.
Amen Kahwajy said…
Just made this for a late breakfast and I added a few drops of Kadoya sesame seed oil to Dukes mayo (yellow top, no sugar and that's just the brand we southerners prefer) and it was good. I can depend on you for good ideas!
Also, I often mix some mayo (Dukes) with sesame oil and a splash of homemade siracha. The oil really makes it work.
I love kimchi! I thought I was the only one in New Jersey who did. I am trying this recipe this weekend. Thank you, Stacey! You provided a wonderful distraction on Election night!
Lori Lynn said…
Hi Stacey - I am a huge Korean food fan. And I love to cook Korean fusion. This is a winner - kimchi and avocado are a stellar pair! I'll be trying your toast for sure. (Cabbage kimchi and cheddar are another great pairing).