Same Place, Same Time, Same Channel: Paris

I'm out of here for 2 weeks......the usual, boring place, my happy place and favorite city, Paris.

After 10 years of band-aids and blisters, I am finally bringing sensible, comfortable shoes only, no high heels, and I promised myself not to overpack.

This trip, I plan on eating as many pastries and croissants as I want, I am even taking a croissant baking class.

I have stopped this nonsense about worrying about a few extra pounds, life is too short not to enjoy.

We will probably see the same sites, same people and eat at many of the same restaurants that we visit every year, so I hope you will not be bored with my posts.

I have to thank that reader from 8 years ago who said "I was boring because I go to the same place every year", they have given me a lot of material over the years!

Don't forget to follow my instagram posts for minute by minute photos!

Au revoir.


Susan said…
Never tire of seeing and reading about your Paris! Stay safe and have a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…

I too am never bored of all your Paris posts... Love them!!
Have a great time!!

Kelly P. said…
Bon Voyage!
I love your Paris posts....and wait all year for them. Have a wonderful time.
Can't wait to see your photos.

Kelly P.
Patsy said…
Have a great time. Can't wait to read about all of your exploits!
Sheri W. said…
If I could go to Florence every year, I would. I'm jealous about the croissant class though. I wish I could go with you!
Irene said…
Yay I love it when your there and I can sample a bit of Paris along with you !!!!
Three cheers !!!
LG O'Connor said…
My favorite posts of the year! Travel safe. xoxo
Unknown said…
I missed all of your other trips(September is a busy month for me). So, I am excited to hear all about it! Have fun!
Lynn BB said…
I love Paris! I've been each of the past two years and reviewed your travel logs before each trip. Enjoy!
Denise said…
Paris is always a good idea.
Rose said…
Travel safe. Enjoy! How could you not?! :-)
Paris,great! I live in provence but lo ae love when i can visit paris. Look forward to your posts. Nd by the way paris is never boring.
Bonnie in provence
Carolyn said…
I am taking a French Desserts class on Monday morning at Cooking withClass in the Montmartre area. Love their classes