Paris Pics of the Day


For those of you that are not following me on instagram or facebook (and why aren't you?), here are a few pics from the week.....I promise to do a post when I have some time.

I'm too busy eating........;)

See you soon.



Could that be Angelina? Or just my memory playing tricks in me. I live in France but don't get to Paris nearly often enough.....
Bonnie in provence
Stacey Snacks said…
The building is the Hotel Lancaster in the 8eme......the boulangerie is JULIEN in the 8eme, and me sipping coffee is in our apartment that we rent each year! :)

jp said…
Hi I am so jealous, 78 years old never saw it and probably never will.
Oh well enough about me, Have a Great time and surely enjoy the food, just love all the Bread I'm a lover of it.

Anonymous said…
I love your Paris posts. Look forward to them all year. Your apartment looks amazing. We visit Paris every two to three years and stay in a lovely small hotel on the Left Bank near Pizza Chic. If you have a craving for pizza, I would check it out...delicious! Have fun!

Anonymous said…
I would love to follow you on Facebook, but I can't find you. What should I search for? Totally love Paris!
The apartment looks absolutely wonderful, good choice. Very elegant!