Paris Pics for Thursday 9/22

Posting on social media sites keeps me too busy to write a proper blog please forgive me.

Today, we visited the beautiful Musee Nissim de Camondo, one of my favorite small museums in Paris.

A gorgeous Beaux Arts mansion located in the 8th arrondissement, once owned by a Turkish Jewish merchant family at the turn of the century.

Monsieur Camondo was a collector of antiquities and decorative arts. A feast for my eyes.

The kitchen with its chef's office and staff dining room is reminiscent of Downton Abbey!

I would happily cook in this kitchen all day. That stove is 10 feet long and all cast iron....and who is polishing those copper pots?
Not moi!

I had the best crock of onion soup gratin today, if anyone a nice brasserie in the 8eme.

Now it's time for a snack.....and I will write again tomorrow.

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Velva said…
I saw the stove on FB and was just "wow, Wow, Wow!" Enjoy your beautiful trip. I will be following along on FB.


The nissim camomdo is one of my favorites too. I have a postcard of that stove on the front of my fridge.
Bonnie kn provence