Paris Apartment Envy

Is it ok to have apartment envy?
I do.

I don't like change, I guess that is why we visit the same city every year! We usually rent the same place, and we love it.
It's very grande, to say the least........who died and left me Queen of France?

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, you might want to stay in a hotel, especially if you don't speak French, just to get the feel of the city and its arrondissements (neighborhoods) and also to have a concierge help you with dinner reservations and travel plans around and outside the city.

However, if you are a seasoned traveler, like moi (yeah, right), then I suggest you rent an apartment in the city.

There are so many GORGEOUS apartments for rent! Beyond your wildest dreams.

If it's Eiffel Tower views you are looking for, head over to the the 7eme (though it will cost you).....hip lofts in the Marais (also don't come cheap)......less expensive ones in areas that are not tourist driven, like the 2nd and the quiet 16th (more residential).

An apartment gives you the freedom to hang out longer in a bigger space, perhaps cook a meal, and bring back cheese and wine for don't have to rely on room service or a restaurant. It also gives you a feeling of being a local for the time you are there.

I have helped many people w/ apartment rentals in Paris, there are some great sites, and all types of apartments to fit your budget.
Here are some good websites.

Paris Perfect
Haven in Paris

I have rented from both sites and I can guarantee you a beautiful, clean apartment with an English speaking person to help you get set up.

Our apartment is located in the 8th arrondissement, in a quiet area, and close to the Arc de Triomphe. Not my favorite area, to be honest....too quiet at night, and nothing in our area is open on Saturday and Sunday because it is very residential (not too many tourists) we have to walk at least 30 minutes anywhere. We rent it because we are renting from friends and the apartment is SPECTACULAR.

I know you've been here before, but here's the tour again........

The first pic up at the top of the post is nighttime view of the living room with enough seating for a lively conversation!

We are on the top floor (5th) with a large spiral staircase.....I can make it up 3 flights, but then I'm out! There is an elevator, thankfully.

Years ago we rented a beautiful apartment with no elevator.....coming home after wine at midnight was not fun in heels walking up those 4 flights. OUCH.

Make sure your rental has an elevator if you are on a top floor. Word to the wise.

This is my view from every window in the massive apartment......not too shabby. All French doors open and there are no screens on any windows in Paris. No bugs and zero humidity.

There is a balcony that goes the entire length of the apartment, and I spend a lot of time out there.

There is a longggggg hallway with over 1000 books (the owners are avid readers and opera goers). You will never be bored. I am happy to sit in the apartment all day, truth be told.

There are 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full size gourmet kitchen and a huge dining room, which we rarely use. I never cook here, except to reheat a piece of quiche.

I don't live like this at home, as you know, so when I travel, I go big. ;)

I will post more pics over the always, if you want to see the minute by minute trip, go to instagram! I will be there!

Au revoir for today!



Anonymous said…

What a beautiful apartment! I love seeing all your pics. I feel like i am
there as well..
have a great time!!

ps. LOVE that balcony view!!!
Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS! I have been following you on instagram....WOW WOW WOW
Speechless, I am! You are fortunate to have friends with such an apartment. I have rented apartments in Paris but thet have never looked like that! As you say, its so much better than a hotel if you have a place you can have leisurely coffee in the morning, and bring home some wine and cheese for a treat.
Judi said…
Stacey, I love that this year you have tried to make Paris approachable to the rest of us. I have followed you for most of the time you have had a website, which of course includes your Septembers in Paris. I, too, am a creature of comfort, but you make me feel like we could actually "do" Paris. Thank you.
Lisa said…
Loved following your posts on instagram.
Thank you for your generous sharing! I look forward to your Paris posts every year!