More from Paris........

You don't have to have a smart phone to view the pics of restaurants, museums, (me!) and all the beautiful sites of Paris.

Just click on this link to follow our trip on instagram.
Click on each photo to see the description.

It's easy.

Happy Monday!


Linda Orlando said…
Hi Stacey,
I'm Missi's friend Linda (we met at the shower, wedding). I have really been enjoying your Paris photos! We have not been since 2000, and are dying to go back. My husband loves the idea of the beautiful apartment! If we do that, I may need to get the info from you. I've been a little nervous to go to France right now, but I have been inspired by these photos. I had forgotten just how amazing the city is! So far, I am drooling over the soufflé pic!!! Looks beyond fabulous! Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Happy Anniversary!! Safe travels!!
Linda Orlando