Random June Bites

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I just came back from a quickie trip to the desert.
Escaped just in time to beat their 112F June heat.

Had a wonderful dinner at Chris Bianco's new place TRATTO in Phoenix.
Serving only Arizona produce and locally farmed & raised meat.

We had the first Arizona corn of the season, beautifully presented along with homemade pastas with fava beans and other wonderful dishes.

The menu is market driven, I even got to meet the farmer who raised the pigs for the speck that we ate with the local melon!.

Chris is a wonderful host, and we had a lot of special dishes. It is next door to his Pizzeria Bianco Town & Country location, so if in the area, do try it, and of course don't forget to go next door and have one of the best pizzas on the planet (this one had sausage, wood roasted onions and smoked mozzarella!).

Eat Local!

We had some great dinners at Elements at Sanctuary on Camelback, cooked for us by our friend Iron Chef Beau MacMillan.

He is not only a great chef, but a great guy as well.

Beau welcomes us back each year by preparing special treats for us to eat nightly.

He knows my 2 favorite things are Henry and tuna tartare.......(is Henry a "thing"?).

We stay at the beautiful Sanctuary on Camelback, and if you are looking for a fabulous place to stay, I highly recommend it.

I came home to New Jersey only to find that summer had arrived while we were away.

Enough time to arrange my peonies and lilacs, which opened while we were gone.

We had our first al fresco meal on the patio.....and I made my usual Salade Nicoise, but instead of tuna, I used cold baked salmon.
I made a mustard vinaigrette with fresh dill and it was delicious.

It's berry season here in the Garden State.
Strawberries & Blueberries all month........

Here, I made an unconventional avocado toast, pairing blueberries w/ the avo.

Toast up your bread and spread the avocado on top. Sprinkle w/ Maldon salt and scatter blueberries on top.

Some lemon zest and honey and you are set for the most delicious surprise.

And to beat the heat, it's time for refreshing watermelon.....w/ mint, blueberries and dried rose petals.

I will tell you about that another time.

Welcome summer! It's about time!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos....I don't have instagram or facebook so I appreciate your recaps!

Cooking Californian said…
I'm with Leslie. I dont do instagram either.

Thank you for sharing your trip and pics....I love ironchef BeauMac! Lucky you.
Anonymous said…
I always love your travel posts. I remember when you went to Pizzeria Bianco in PHX last year. I went because of you and it was the best pizza I had ever had in my life. :)
Eileen said…
Beautiful Nicoise! I have yet to make my first... as soon as the haricot verts are ready!
Joe from Az said…
When you are you moving out to Arizona Stacy?
We would love to have you!