Grilled Baby Eggplants w/ Pickled Onions & Raisins

It's summer, which means time for eggplant.

We don't see it in the garden until August here in New Jersey.

So I bought some baby eggplants, which I love.
Sliced them in half and sprinkled w/ kosher salt and olive oil.

Just place them on a hot grill w/ the lid down for about 5 minutes on each side.

Once they are nice and soft and charred, I splash them with some balsamic vinegar.

Now you are ready to serve them with feta cheese or fresh mint, which is so good.

This time I decided to put some pickled raisins and onions on top then spinkled w/ fresh parsley and basil, and a bit of hot pepper flakes.

This was a winning salad, and delicious in a frittata the next day and also preserved and pickled for next time!

I love summer.


joan nova said…
You come up with the best dishes -- always fresh, interesting and definitely 'my taste'!
Mollie said…
Wow, that sounds interesting and delicious. I have never grilled eggplant.